May 16th, 2010


MM3 - cruelly disregarded yet again?

We already knew Lolth was coming back in Monster Manual 3 - she's on the cover - and that the extremely silly catoblepas was getting a 4th edition make-over, but there's a list of the top ten monsters coming back from the 1e MM in this month's Dragon:

Alumni: Monster Manual

While this is a great list of returning classics - I knew the ghast had been AWOL but hadn't even noticed the shadow's absence from 4e - my old favourites, the ixitxachitl have been overlooked for a second time. I suppose it's possible that they aren't considered in the editiors' "Top 10" of returning monsters but the presence of the naff jackalwere surely disproves this theory.

Anyway, all is not lost as we have a great conversion from The Jester on ENWorld here, featuring four great varieties, including the vampiric ixitxachtil.

Oh, and as an illustration of how much I prefer writing and preparing sessions for 4th edition vs 3.x (and running encounters!), here's a stat block I created for an ixitxachitl opponent in an epic adventure for v3.5. This was one of several varieties inhabiting the underwater levels of Demogorgon's fortress in Abysm:

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