April 23rd, 2010


D&D Alumni: Deck of Many Things

I love the D&D Alumni articles and this is a good one: one of the iconic D&D magic items is back in this month's Dungeon! I can't remember how many times the Deck of Many Things has appeared in D&D games I've played in or run, but it certainly turned up a few times in the 1e campaigns we played at school. This week, I ran a session in my Parsantium campaign where one PC had a tarokka reading from a Kariv (gypsy) fortune teller - one or two of the older players were actually pretty worried that her cards were a Deck of Many Things!

There was also a great adventure in an early issue of Dungeon, maybe by Randy Maxwell, which involved "drawing" cards from the deck to open the locked doors in the dungeon the PCs were exploring. The magazine (or that month's issue of Dragon) came complete with full colour cards to cut out - very very cool but I never got to run it unfortunately.

The new 4e Deck of Many of Things can be printed out from the Dungeon article and I'm very tempted to have it turn up in an adventure....

Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Alumni: Deck of Many Things)