April 20th, 2010

parsantium crest

Black Horse Parsantium Campaign, Session #42: Tarokka Reading

Here's what happened in last night's game. I've recorded where everyone was standing, what conditions are affecting the PCs and what spells are in play. Each PC gets 525 xp.

29th Iunius
The PCs’ journey takes them into the dark woodland where Bolval and his brother Wergrim were separated over a month ago. As the day draws to a close, the party arrives at a Kariv camp by the side of the Via Batiara where they are made welcome and given food and wine. The PCs relax around the campfires, as the Kariv play music, dance and juggle to entertain the party. Ella and Bolval ask around but no one has seen Heinsoo. Several of the party buy potions from Nikolai the potion seller, and Ella sells some of the gems and jewellery the party have found in order to share out their loot. Later, Marab Sergin, female clan leader, reads the tarokka for Bolval – he learns that Wergrim (Two of Swords - The Paladin) is being held prisoner in a cave (The Donjon) by dark, unnatural forces led by a sorcerer (Nine of Stars - The Conjurer) and that unexpected magical energies stand between him and Wergrim’s rescue (The Mists). Bolval (The Master of Glyphs – The Priest) must look for a wooded hill marked out by a single tall pine to find his brother.

30th Iunius
Mal’uk casts the dowsing rod ritual and uses his magic stick to find the hill with a single pine the PCs are looking for. The party approach on foot, spotting a cave entrance 30’ above. In the bushes at the base of the cliff two foulspawn manglers are lurking but Brave Ella spots them. Mal’uk moves in to attack them and ends up flanked, as the four-armed aberrant creatures dance around him, stabbing furiously with their daggers. The rest of the PCs stay bunched up in a group as more foulspawn come tumbling down the cliff to attack – including a large, looming hulk. These creatures are followed by a foulspawn seer who teleports to the bottom of the hill. Sharden casts his signature spell, trumpet the star’s fall, which catches several of his enemies. Krivinn experiences a funny turn as he tries to swing at a berserker and hits the dwarven invoker instead. Saethus casts fireball but the spell is pretty ineffectual. As Mal’uk, Saethus and Ella attack the foulspawn to the left, Krivinn attacks the berserker in the middle of the battlefield but ends up dazed for a few rounds from the seer’s warp orb. Meanwhile, Bolval casts consecrated ground and other prayers to keep the other PCs on their feet and damage the aberrations. This leaves Sharden somewhat isolated and he takes a pounding from the hulk over on the right. Krivinn is still dazed but he charges the hulk – the dragonborn gets hit by an opportunity attack but his strike kills the hulk. With the rest of the foulspawn dead, the PCs take a short rest and then search the bodies.

Then, the PCs climb up the cliff to the cave mouth. Inside they find a chest made of human bones which Krivinn smashes open, fortunately not damaging the quiver full of magic arrows  or the other treasure inside. After looting the cavern, the PCs head down the passage, Brave Ella in the lead.

Ahead, the tunnel opens into a large chamber – howling winds sweep past as the PCs approach. Inside, a rushing vortex of energy whirls around the centre of the room where a large alien figure with a bulbous head and two massive arms ending in huge pincers is chained between two menhirs. The naked and unmoving form of Bolval’s brother Wergrim hangs from another chain in the ceiling. Ella and Sharden check out the statue in the near corner but Bolval goes straight through the vortex to help his brother. He’s followed by Mal’uk, then the others but the vortex subjects anyone close to it to vicioius attacks. As the PCs move to surround the abomination, it attacks with its vortex of madness, stunning Sharden, Saethus and Bolval.