April 13th, 2010

parsantium crest

Black Horse Parsantium Campaign Session #41: The Catacombs of Koptila

Here's what happened in last night's game - a not-quite full house. Each PC gets 833 xp.

13th Iunius (contd.)
Raami the shifter shaman (now calling himself Khuma Noru) is travelling along the Via Batiara in the direction of the Ironcrags when he spots Krivinn waiting with the party’s horses outside the ruins. The two have a brief conversation, then Khuma heads downstairs to see what the rest of the PCs are doing. Ella opens the doors leading out of the first chamber, remembering an old tale she once heard about the ogre king Koptila who prayed to the gods to spare his people when they were under threat of an invasion from another dimension. Koptila was asked to sacrifice himself, he did so, and the clan disappeared, whisked away by the gods.

Mal’uk leads the way into the next room where three ogres are praying around a symbol to an ancient sun god. The PCs attack but each round a different party member is cursed by the divine energy of the room. Krivinn arrives on the scene and is first to be cursed, slowing him down so he takes ages to get into the battle. Mal’uk, meanwhile, teleports to the far side of the room and ends up surrounded by the three ogres although he is able to disable one of the braziers powering the curse. Krivinn charges in (slowly) to help but gets knocked down by the ogre warhulk while Saethus and Bolval cast spells from the entrance to the chamber. Ella runs past one of the ogres and tries to put out the second brazier but only succeeds in setting herself on fire. The ranger is not amused and blames Mal'uk: “We should have been riding through dappled glades on ponies, but instead I am on fire!”

Krivinn takes down the warhulk and the last surviving ogre falls soon afterwards. Regrouping, the PCs manage to get rid of the curse after Saethus realises they need to apologies to the ogre sun god. Afterwards, they decide not to continue exploring the catacombs despite Mal’uk’s enthusiasm for carrying on.

17th Iunius
Bolval finally conquers his fear and gets on his pony!

As the PCs travel along the road, they ask if anyone has seen Heinsoo  –they haven’t, but they have seen a tiefling travelling with dwarves which could be Orodak, the guy Khuma is after!

24th Iunius
The PCs arrive at  a bridge across a small stream. Here, a troll blocks their way and demands a toll. The party ignore his request and move forward to attack as two dire wolves come out of the trees to their left, a destrachan moves on to the bridge and a second troll appears from the log cabin on the other side. The PCs make short work of the dire wolves and the first troll, but the second one is backed up by a two-headed companion who arrives on the third round. Nevertheless, by using daily fire spells and powers such as fireball and spirit of the shielding fire, the party are able to take the trolls down and ensure they don’t regenerate and get up again without too much trouble