April 9th, 2010

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Whatever happened to Raami?

ninthcouncil  is back on Monday - we're going to need a bigger table - so here's what's been happening with Raami the shifter shaman, last seen in the Feywild:

After losing contact with Ella, Krivinn and the others at the Birch Queen’s Fair, Raami is surprised to meet Yarek and Nuuri, junior members of the Pei’pa tribe. They look downcast and battered, and he discovers that, though he seems to have been in the Feywild for only a few days, in the real world he has been gone for over a year. During that time the tribulations of the clan have increased, culminating in an attack by mounted warriors controlled by a tiefling magician. The head shaman was killed and the Great Bear Totem stolen, leaving the clan broken and scattered. Bereft of any other ideas, the two young men set out to look for Raami in the Feywild.

Raami knows that he needs guidance, and determines to seek out Hurki Bear Dancer, a famed shaman who now lives as a hermit in the hills south of the Griffin Water. With his new companions he leaves the Feywild as quickly as possible (thankfully, this brings him out without further time dilation) and sets off to find Hurki; on the way, however, they are attacked by well armed gnoll thugs who seem to be expecting them. Raami barely escapes with his life – the two warriors are less fortunate. From the last surviving assailant, Raami learns that the gnolls were hired to kill him in Parsantium by a man called Jinam.

Raami continues on to Hurki’s cave alone. The ancient shaman – who constantly seems on the point of fading out of the physical world entirely - leads him into an advanced trance state in which he travels the spirit world and has to defeat a fearsome monster stitched together from the hides of slaughtered ancestral spirits. He is then allowed an audience with Kuumurunta, the Pei’pa tribal Spirit of Reprisal; the ferocious spirit roars that there has been treachery within the tribe and that it is Raami’s task to discover its source, and avenge the desecration of the Great Totem. Until then he will take on a new name, Khuma Noru, the Vengeful Bear. On his return to mundane reality, he finds that his personal totem has developed new powers, whilst the Bear Spirit Armour which he wore has become inhabited instead by a scion of grisly Kuumurunta, and taken on an unsavoury aspect. It whispers slaughter into his mind, and leaves him prone to bouts of incoherent rage.

Raami/Khuma travels to Parsantium (which he detests) and manages to find Jinam – but the man is just a low-level fixer, paid to organise Raami’s death and given explicit information about his likely exit point from the Feywild. The tiefling who paid for this called himself Orodak, but Jinam had no confidence that his is his real name. He did however note that Orodak’s bodyguards were shifty looking dwarves who spoke with a distinct Ironcrags accent, and some of the coins which he gave to Jinam were minted there. Lacking any further leads, the shaman strikes out in that direction hoping to gather further information...
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Map of Vaasa

Click here for an excellent new map of the Forgotten Realms region of Vaasa by Mike Schley, as seen in the latest issue of Dungeon.

I ran my first full 2nd edition campaign for kb98  in the Bloodstone Lands from 1991-1995 so this map brings back a few memories!