March 19th, 2010

parsantium crest

Black Horse Parsantium Campaign Session #39: Battle in the Temple of Ravana

Here's what happened in Monday night's session. Each PC gets 710 xp.

6th Iunius (contd)

The battle begins! Krivinn throws alchemist’s fire at the Golden Scimitars and Saethus casts lightning bolt. Elias Wang retaliates with Avernian eruption which bloodies most of the party who remain bunched up in the entrance corridor and Vadim shoots Krivinn with his bow. Ella shoots back, bloodying Wang with her splintering shot; then Saethus kills the warlock with Bigby’s icy grasp. Zeno attacks Bolval with his misdirected mark and then uses call to arms to give his allies extra attacks. Sharden’s written in flame power is triggered with devastating effects on the enemy. Vadim and Sufyan close in to attack Krivinn and Bolval in melee but Vadim is knocked over. Vulnerable on the floor of the temple, the PCs concentrate their attacks on the Akhrani fighter with Bolval delivering the killer blow with his divine glow prayer! Krivinn uses his divine sanction to challenge all the party’s opponents to attack him; they duly gang up on the dragonborn paladin. Meanwhile, Bolval tries to show the rest of the party his newly-learned ability to turn elementals, testing it on Sufyan the fire genasi, but he clearly needs to put in more practice as the power fails to work.

As the fight continues, the tide turns in favour of the PCs as Bolval puts his spirit of healing into play to restore his comrades back to full health. By this time only Zeno and one of the ambushers are still standing. Sharden casts avenging light – this is enough to knock the Golden Scimitars boss unconscious. Ella shoots the last surviving thug as he runs for it.

The battle over, the party search Zeno’s office, finding the ledgers and two cryptic notes from “H” in the desk. Next, they search the bedrooms of Zeno and his sidekicks – Sharden picks up a manual of torture from Zeno’s bedstand. After a long search around the temple for secret doors, the PCs find one – this leads to the vault where the Golden Scimitars’ treasure is stored.