March 12th, 2010

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Black Horse Parsantium Campaign Session #38 Lair of the Golden Scimitars

Here's what happened in Monday night's game. Each PC gets 540 xp.  I think we'll have z45tu7  back on Monday!

6th Iunius (contd)
The PCs search the entrance room for secret doors and find the hidden corridors leading to the arrow slits. Then, they search the guard room and guard quarters – find a map under one of the beds. Brave Ella finds a secret door heading west down a corridor – Bolval spots a false floor section at the corner, obviously a trap. Ella jumps across, landing in full view of a group of Golden Scimitars sitting in a common area drinking and playing cards. The rogues jump to their feet and attack while their tiefling leader Damakos casts balefire at the elf ranger. The other PCs come to help, leaping over the pit. Saethus’ fireball kills several of the Golden Scimitars lackeys but the villains are reinforced by Keothi the goliath and two more men coming through the door. Damakos slides Sharden into the spiked pit, then the goliath charges Bolval, knocking him in on top of the other dwarf! Ella slays the veteran warrior Corripos as Keothi leaps down and attacks the two dwarves, and Saethus is flanked by the two ambushers. He kills the tiefling with burning hands as Krivinn arrives on the scene to help Bolval get out of the pit. Sharden’s onyx dog, Wanderer, tries to leap the pit but misjudges the distance, falls in and dies. As the tide of battle turns, Keothi retreats, getting away but Ella is able to shoot down the last surviving ambusher as he runs off.


With the battle over, the PCs search the sleeping quarters and then check out the trapped corridor beyond – Ella spots pressure plates on the floor and nozzles on the walls so the party decide to step carefully away. Next, the PCs search the storeroom and training area – taking some useful alchemical items and indulging in a bit of light sabotage. Heading down the central corridor, they spot another pressure plate on the floor but bypass it by putting couches over it and climbing over them.

The carved doors at the end of the corridor lead into an ancient temple of Ravana. Here, the PCs encounter Zeno Meverel, Vadim, Sufyan the genasi fireblade, Elias Wang of the Dockside Crew and two other Golden Scimitars. Zeno gloats for a while before ordering Vadim to kill the PCs painfully.