March 8th, 2010

St George

The Ongoing Adventures of the Juma Gang, 13th Session: The Great Temple of the Solar Gods

Here’s what happened in Sunday’s game; this session finishes off  “The Forest Ruins of Gopura” adventure.  Each PC gets 740 xp

27th Maius
The party heads for the Great Temple to the Solar Gods. Deciding to enter via the entrance to the Hall of Savitri (god of the day long sun), Hrothgar walks up the steps and gets shot with an arrow fired by a dusk hag archer. The PCs move forward but remain on the steps and in the entrance corridor rather than going into the temple chamber itself. This makes them somewhat vulnerable to Induma the Moon Hag’s howl and she shoves them backwards. Hrothgar attacks the bugbear wardancer, inviting the goblin to hit him first so he can use his Frost Wolf Rage. The hag archer that shot at Hrothgar is killed while the second one starts running round the outside of the temple. The goblins and hobgoblin in the room change into wolf-form – they are barghests – and move to attack as Induma withdraws. Juma follows the hag and hits her hard, bloodying her; then, Hrothgar charges in and finishes her off. As the barghest battle lord attacks the gnoll and the genasi, Gil moves his flaming sphere next to Ulthar and the two smaller barghests – he hits one of the demonic wolves but also clobbers Ulthar twice with fire damage. The second archer appears and starts taking potshots at Gil. Snowy and Ulthar finish off the barghests and go after her as Juma finishes off the battle lord who drops his magic great axe. Hearing this clang to the floor, Ulthar (who is on 2 hp after being hit by the archer’s nightmare touch) decides to withdraw from the battle and retreat rapidly in the direction of the loot. Snowy and Gil chase after the archer but she disappears into the woods. Ulthar claims the +2 reckless great axe and the PCs search the Cosmic Chamber of Order which served as Induma and her sisters’ living quarters. Juma complains about the small amount of treasure they find there.

Next, the PCs go into the Chamber of Surya (god of the rising & setting sun) – there is no treasure in here either, just goblin beds and graffiti. Juma pushes over a statue of Surya which upsets Sreedhar and Snowy. The room beyond is dedicated to Ushas and is filled with goblins. Gil charges in first and casts fire shroud which kills several goblin cutters, followed by the other PCs. A bugbear strangler who’s been hiding behind a pillar leaps out and starts garotting Juma, then switches to Hrothgar when Juma teleports away. Although Hrothgar laughes at the bugbear’s teddy-bear like appearance, the strangler is nevertheless able to squeeze the air out of the barbarian and he falls unconscious. Ulthar kills a couple of goblins while being shot at by the hag archer who reappears. Gil uses his Bigby’s Icy Grasp* to attack the barghest and Snowy is having all sorts of stuff thrown at her by the goblin delver. Ulthar kills the archer and revives Hrothgar. Juma moves back to help the gnoll and gets strangled again before Snowy kills the bugbear with a commander’s strike from the warlord. The dragonborn then kills the delver, causing his bag of tricks to explode, leaving a pile of alchemical goop behind, and Juma finishes off the last goblin. Worn out, the PCs take an extended rest.

Explore the four rathas. The first two are unoccupied but in the third the PCs battle two gricks who are soon joined by a grell. The grell grabs hold of Juma, stuns him with its venom and then drops the genasi down the bottom of the 30’ deep pit it emerged from. Hrothgar battles the gricks while the others concentrate on the grell – Gil attacks it with both a flaming sphere and Bigby’s Icy Grasp. Sora is also grabbed and dropped down the pit but the PCs are eventually able to overwhelm the monster with Hrothgar delivering the killing blow. The PCs find a silver-plated sword at the bottom of the pit and a gemstone in the fourth ratha. The ruins of Gopura have now been fully explored!

*controversially chosen instead of Fireball as his new 5th level daily power.