February 23rd, 2010

parsantium crest

Black Horse Parsantium Campaign Session #37 Sharden the Traitor

Here's what happened in last night's game in which jzaltman  did an excellent job of attacking the rest of the party without being too obvious about it, at least initially. Each PC gets 340 xp.

6th Iunius (contd)
The battle over, the PCs set fire to the ghoul and goblin bodies and leave the lair, returning to the city above. They head back to their apartment where they rejoin Sharden and Bolval. Rest.

2am  The PCs return to the Winking Vixen and re-enter the Hidden Quarter, going past the ghoul lair. At a T-junction, Brave Ella spots a secret door. The elf ranger opens it and Krivinn and Bolval head into the corridor beyond which has arrow slits on both sides. As they move further into the passage, four gnolls hidden behind the arrow slits open fire on the pair. The other PCs rush in to back them up: Sharden casts written in fire which is very effective in damaging the gnolls.

Then, a knife fighter and a half orc scarthane come through the door opposite. This prompts Sharden (who is under the control of a spirit snake planted in his brain by Jagadamba) to try and talk the rest of the party out of attacking the Golden Scimitars, saying there’s been a terrible misunderstanding. The others don’t agree so the invoker casts trumpet the star’s fall to wound Ella, kill a gnoll and fill the corridor with smoke. When Saethus heads into the room beyond, Sharden's written in fire spell affects him too, and he falls unconscious having already taken 40 hp damage from the knife fighter's "dance".

Bolval brings Saethus round but goes down himself under fire from the archers as Sharden wreaks more havoc with a feeble offering of justice targeting Ella, followed by an avenging light and an attack by Wanderer the onyx dog on Saethus. Krivinn battles the knife fighter and the half orc as the others deal with the gnolls. The half orc and the surviving gnolls are killed and then Bolval (who’s been revived by Krivinn) manoeuvres his consecrated ground which finishes off the knife fighter.

With the Golden Scimitars dead, the PCs take a short rest before Krivinn grabs hold of Sharden. The dwarf retaliates, prompting everyone to attack him. The invoker takes 48 points of damage before Saethus takes him down with a magic missile. As he slumps to the ground, a sickly mauve glowing snake slips out of his ear and moves rapidly towards Krivinn. Fortunately the PCs kill it with one blow and Sharden, once revived, is able to tell the story of his drugging and abduction, and the implanting of the spirit snake in his brain by the witch of Flotsam.