February 16th, 2010

parsantium crest

Black Horse Parsantium Campaign Session #36 In the Ghoul Warren

Here's what happened in last night's game. Well done to lucybrant , rmfein  & jonasnelson  for surviving without a cleric!

Each PC gets 833 xp which should be enough to get Brave Ella to 8th level.

6th Iunius (contd)
Bolval disappears to fetch Sharden while Brave Ella, Krivinn and Saethus head through the secret door and down the spiral staircase into the Hidden Quarter. At the bottom of the stairs they are fortunate to find three potions of healing as they don’t have a cleric with them. From here, the party enters a wide corridor heading from the north east to the south west. Most tracks in the muddy floor are to the south west so the PCs go that way.

After three hundred yards, they hear crying coming from a side passage: a little girl in a red dress is sitting hunched against the wall. When the noble Krivinn goes to help, she gets to her feet and races round the corner. The PCs follow only to find they have been lured by the “little girl” (actually a goblin) into an ambush by a pack of meeping ghouls led by the fearsome Rotten Mursel. The PCs go into combat but Krivinn and Saethus soon find themselves immobilized by the ghouls’ paralyzing attacks. Saethus uses his fey step to get out of trouble and scores a double critical with his shock sphere! Krivinn, meanwhile, is in trouble – flanked by Rotten Mursel and one of his lackeys, the paladin is reduced to 2 hp, stunned and immobilized. Ella and Saethus finish off the three regular ghouls which causes Mursel to withdraw, allowing the pair to attend to the dragonborn and take a short rest.

The party open the door to the ghoul lair. Inside are Rotten Mursel, a stench ghoul, and three goblins dressed in children’s clothes, holding toys and gnawing on human bones. Krivinn attacks the ghouls from the doorway as Saethus throws a shock sphere into the room which annihilates the goblins. Mursel moves round to attack Ella and Saethus from the rear while Krivinn battles the ghast, killing him. Eventually the PCs manage to finish off the abyssal ghoul leader and plunder the ghouls’ treasure hoard.