February 8th, 2010

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Black Horse Parsantium Campaign Session #35: At the Hippocampus Baths Part 2

Here's what happened in last Monday's game, featuring part two of one very long encounter at the bathhouse. Each PC gets 712 xp.

5th Iunius (contd)
The PCs decide to pursue the assassin into the furnace room. Krivinn opens the door but to his surprise sees two gnolls and a human wizard in the room as well as the assassin. Said wizard blasts the dragonborn with a lightning bolt which arcs to attack Bolval and Ella. Saethus throws a fireball into the room in retaliation but it’s pretty ineffectual. Krivinn goes in but gets beaten up badly by the gnolls who shove him backwards, knock him prone and then shut the door! When the PCs open the door again, the wizard blasts the party again with his lightning bolts and lightning serpent and the gnolls attack anyone in the doorway with their greatswords. After a while, the assassin reappears and attacks Ella but this is his undoing as the not-so-brave elf backs away and shoots him dead. Meanwhile, Krivinn has fallen unconscious to the wizard’s spells and gnoll blades, prompting Bolval to heal him. The wizard and gnolls run for it as the PCs give chase – Ella and Saethus dash upstairs while the other two pursue through the furnace room door into the Atrium. Here, the wizard is brought down but both gnolls climb over the locked gate and escape.

With the fight over, the PCs help Hildvin search the baths, looking for the assassin’s victim. They hear moaning from behind the door to a private bath and burst in, only to find two elderly gentlemen having sex with a pretty young masseuse. Krivinn tries to intervene but is told to “get out!” in no uncertain terms.

More moaning from behind a different door turns out to be coming from the real victim, Bahram Peroz, Speaker of the Guild of Weavers and Dyers, who has been poisoned. The PCs are able to stabilize the dying guildmaster and take him to the Temple of Niu Dahan where Gong and Wang Jin We tend to him, performing a ritual to get rid of the poison.

Coming round, Bahram explains that Zeno Meverel of the Golden Scimitars is trying to move in on the Makers Ward by gaining influence over the guilds. The gang boss is based at the Winking Vixen brothel.

Later, Saethus visits Marjani Minar, headquarters of the Esoteric Order of the Blue Lotus, to find out if any of his colleagues have heard of Varazes – the wizard who attacked the PCs in the baths. They haven’t.

Later still, the PCs meet Francio at the stage door of the Theatre of Aymara after the play and ask him a few questions before heading home to bed.

6th Iunius
The PCs witness a row between two bullock cart drivers, one from the Cooper’s Guild and the other from the Guild of Salters, Packers & Joiners. Krivinn settles the dispute by getting both to back up and get out of everyone’s way.

The party head to the White Palm and talk to Kaham – both the Golden Scimitar spies on his staff have disappeared and he is very grateful. The PCs quiz him about Iancu Petronas and his troupe – he gets noticeably flustered when talking about Beatus, the handsome lead actor. Afterwards, Bolval resizes the versatile chainmail looted from the assassin’s body to fit his stocky frame.

In the early evening, the PCs go to the Winking Vixen where Ella and Saethus talk to Tamrin the dwarf bouncer. Tamrin tells them the brothel’s madam, Eusebia, has been murdered and her body mutilated by Vadim on Zeno’s orders. Angry at this, the dwarf points the party in the direction of the secret door leading to Zeno Meverel’s headquarters beneath the Vixen.

Green Man

The Athens of the North

We had a great time in Edinburgh, despite the cold, grey, rainy weather (par for the course in February). Here's a couple of low-res iphone pictures - one of Greyfriars Bobby and kb98 , the other of Calton Hill's "Parthenon"