January 28th, 2010

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Black Horse Parsantium Campaign Session #34: At the Hippocampus Baths

Here's what happened in Monday night's game. As we're still in the middle of the fiendish encounter I wrote with help from z45tu7 , there will be NO experience this week. I know you were all a bit mystified by what happened on Monday. All (well, some of it!) will be revealed in the next session. Maybe.

4th Iunius
After the battle with the Golden Scimitars, the PCs escort Francio back to Aymara Sabban and go to bed.

5th Iunius
Keep an eye on Francio’s apartment building in the morning and then collect him, taking the actor to the Golden Bean Tree at midday to meet Iancu. Iancu invites the PCs to come with his troupe to the Hippocampus Bathhouse.

Ella and Saethus go to the bathhouse ahead of the others. Here they are greeted by Hildvin (the square-bodied female dwarf owner) and admitted to the baths. Soon afterwards Krivinn and Bolval arrive with Iancu, Francio and the other actors. Reluctantly, the PCs head inside the baths without their armour and weapons, get undressed and don fluffy white towels. Saethus and Bolval head to the Natatio, and Krivinn and Ella go to the Caldarium. Nothing much happens although Ella does spot Bahram Peroz – the guildmaster has a massage and then heads towards the private baths.

Suddenly, the alarm is raised by Hildvin – one of her attendants has been murdered in the Atrium and his body hidden under an ornamental shrub. The PCs grab their weapons from the cloakroom, lock the front gates and then go to find the killer(s), locking the doors to the baths behind them. The party head into the Tepidarium, sending the bathers to the swimming pool. Here, Ella and Krivinn spot Yorgi and a knife fighter with a Golden Scimitars tattoo. A second knife fighter appears through the steam as the PCs attack, cheered on by Francio. Ella kills one of the knife fighters (bravely) and Krivinn kills Yorgi as a clothed assassin appears from one of the private baths and throws a poisoned knife at Saethus, blinding him. Next, he blinds Bolval and then follows up with a devastating attack which bloodies the dwarf cleric. Ella kills the second knife fighter and the assassin flees into the hypocaust below the baths. Chasing him into the staff area, the PCs find another dead member of staff – the half-orc tellak (masseur) Umit. Krivinn lets the bathers leave the bathhouse and blocks the unlocked door to the furnace room with several benches from the Atrium. The party take a short rest before heading down the stairs to the hypocaust.


Down below, the assassin is waiting in the shadows along with a third knife fighter. Krivinn is blinded and bloodied but the PCs are able to finish off the knife fighter pretty easily. The assassin flees into the furnace room.