January 20th, 2010

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Black Horse Parsantium Campaign Session #33 Further Investigations

Quite a long write up for Monday night's game in which jonasnelson 's new eladrin wizard, Saethus, made his debut. Each PC gets 537 xp.

4th Iunius (contd.)

Krivinn talks to Watch patrol leader, Innocentius, giving him his unasked-for views on law enforcement in Parsantium. Meanwhile, an eladrin wizard named Saethus has been watching the party from across the street – he recognises Brave Ella from the Birch Queen’s Fair. Ella goes over to talk to him. Then, a messenger snake arrives – Dulicitus wants to see the PCs that evening at the White Palm for a progress report. As the party discuss what to do, Brave Ella offends Krivinn by calling him a tiefling. In response to this “racial abuse”, the paladin snaps the ranger’s arrows and stomps off to the headquarters of the Most Excellent Order of Stonecutters and Masons. Ella, Bolval and Saethus go there separately and find the dragonborn waiting in the lobby. Krivinn and Bolval are shown in to see Master Agapetus who tells the PCs that the Masons have had backing from some "muscle" from the Poor Ward in their dispute with the Potters. When the paladin tries to make a citizen’s arrest, the guildsman has them all thrown out of the Masonic Hall.

To say sorry to Krivinn, Brave Ella buys the dragonborn a fragrant candle and sends him a messenger snake to say sorry. She buys some beer for Bolval who she also insulted. Next, she heads over to the Guild of Potters and Tile-Makers where Master Plutinus explains that the Potters used to be backed by a gang called the Lamplighters but these guys have now vanished from the scene, giving the Masons and the Golden Scimitars the upper hand. Back at their apartment, Ella and Krivinn make up after their row – the paladin has bought the elf some new arrows and a quiver.

In the evening, the PCs go to the White Palm and meet with Dulicitus. They give their report to the grumpy playwright, telling him that they haven’t yet been able to pin anything serious on Iancu Petronas. Dulicitus pays them their first three days’ money – 450 gp. After the meeting, the party are invited to sample some beers in the White Palm’s yakhchal (cellar) by the landlord, Kaham. The tavern-owner explains that the Golden Scimitars are trying to take over the Makers Ward and have forced him to place two spies on his staff – a half orc and a fire genasi. Promising to help Kaham, the PCs go to catch the second half of Iancu's play.

They meet Iancu and friends afterwards and go with them to the Tankard and Gull in the Poor Ward’s red light district. Meanwhile, Ella has returned to the White Palm to find out the names of the two Golden Scimitars spies (Ikar and Sufyan); while she’s there she spots the same man she’s seen before at both the slave auction and Fahil’s Floating Palace. This mysterious guy has just had an argument with Bahram Peroz, Speaker of the Guild of Weavers and Dyers.

Ella rejoins the others afterwards at
the Fallen Angel, a kinky brothel – the PCs recognise Firmina, the red leather-clad brothel-keeper from Orloch’s slave auction. After a while, they agree to escort Francio home. As they walk through the narrow streets, they are attacked from two sides by Ikar, Sufyan and three knife fighters. Saethus fey steps to the roof of a buiding and attacks with Bigby’s icy grasp and Ella uses evasive strike to lead Sufyan and one of the knife fighters away from the others. However, this means Krivinn and Bolval are being attacked from both sides as Francio ducks into the nearest house. Bolval’s healing powers are enough to keep the dragonborn alive and the Golden Scimitars withdraw after Saethus’ icy hand crushes the life out of Ikar.

On the half orc's body, the PCs find a note reading “Hippocampus Bathhouse, 2nd hour after midday”.