January 5th, 2010

parsantium crest

Black Horse Parsantium Campaign Session #32: Masons vs Potters

Here's what happened in last night's game. Each PC gains 1,100 xp which should be enough to get both Bolval and Sharden to 7th level.

3rd Iunius (contd)
Iancu Petronas and friends arrive at Fahil’s Floating Palace. Krivinn and Bolval are recognised as the heroes who defended Yasmina from the Golden Scimitars racketeers. Iancu congratulates them for their bravery, buys them drinks and gives them free tickets to see his play at the theatre. The PCs notice Francio, one of the actors, has slipped away and is talking to a tall Akhrani with a birthmark on his face. The dragonborn and the dwarf buy Francio a drink and insist on talking to him. After a short while, he makes his excuses and leaves, followed by the PCs who spot him buying pesh in an alleyway. Krivinn confronts the actor, taking his drugs and intimidating him into revealing that he owes a lot of money to a loan shark. Because he’s not been keeping up with his payments, Francio is having to do jobs for the Golden Scimitars on the orders of Vadim (the man he met at Fahil’s). Tomorrow, he is due to participate in a street fight between the Most Excellent Order of Stonecutters and Masons and the rival Guild of Potters and Tile-Makers. The two PCs promise to help Francio if he stays away from the street battle.

4th Iunius
Bolval goes to the temple of Ninkash in the Jewel Ward to seek guidance on the Remove Affliction ritual. Meanwhile, Krivinn goes to the Celestial Bastion to see if the soylana is able to help the dragonborn deal with the upcoming street fight. Orthas tells Krivinn he’s on his own; the only other paladin of Bahamut he knows of in the Old Quarter is a female dragonborn called Sora who is out of the city at the moment. Returning to the Makers Ward, Bolval and Krivinn meet up with Sharden and head to the Dock Ward to try and speak to Sgt Saurish of the City Watch. On the way there, they run into two arguing arcanists from the Esoteric Order of the Blue Lotus – a vanara mantrika (sorcerer) and an Akhrani fire mage. Their row goes out of control when the fire mage summons an angry elemental. The PCs intervene, killing the elemental which explodes in a brimstone death burst. When the mages come round, Krivinn lectures them on how to behave responsibly and insists they pay for the damage they caused. Afterwards, their trip to the Dock Ward is wasted – Sgt Saurish is not at the Watch station.

Later in the afternoon, the PCs arrive in the Builders Sabban as the Masons vs Potters street fight is about to start. The party spot Cyrus (halfling rogue, ex-Dockside Crew) and a band of Golden Scimitars led by Yorgi Bin Kosta dressed as Masons in the alleys off the main drag. The PCs move in to attack the Golden Scimitars as the two mobs of guild members clash further down the street. Bolval casts spirit of healing which keeps Krivinn fit and healthy as he is attacked by two knife fighters and several of Yorgi’s lackeys. The paladin strikes Yorgi with a 66 hp critical and Sharden finally manages to use his avenging light to maximum effect as the bloodied dragonborn is standing next to his target! The invoker’s grasping shards slow down Cyrus and Krivinn kills him before he can escape from the PCs for a third time, but they are unable to stop Yorgi getting away. The last surviving knife fighter is brought down by Sharden’s onyx dog just as the Watch arrive on the scene.