January 3rd, 2010

St George

The Ongoing Adventures of the Juma Gang, 11th Session: The Feyshore Forest

Here's what happened in this afternoon's action-packed session. Each PC gets 770 xp.

23rd Maius           

Hrothgar shops for potions and Gil buys the Brew Potion ritual. Meanwhile, Jihad tries to blackmail Glyn Merryfield into giving him some money for not telling his wife about his gambling. Glyn refuses so Jihad picks his pocket, acquiring three whole copper pieces. The PCs set off to meet Sreedhar at the Seven Chalices Caravanserai in the Caravans Ward. Jihad leaves the unwrapped black dragon head on his bed (“I’m sure it will dry out in the heat”)

Meet Sreedhar and leave the city of Parsantium for the Feyshore Forest, having bought tents to sleep in. Ulthar recounts what he knows about the ruins of Gopura and the founding of Parsantium to the rest of the party, impressing Sreedhar with his knowledge of history.

25th Maius           

Enter the Feyshore Forest where the PCs are attacked by forest imps and bugbear hunters. Although the battle is at times frustrating as the imps buzz around their heads and the bugbears shoot from the cover of the foliage, the PCs emerge the victors after 8 rounds of combat in which Hrothgar (for once) isn’t hit at all.

Carrying on further into the forest, the PCs arrive at the ruins of Gopura. Entering the Elephant Gate, they are attacked by a pair of harpies and their goblin servants. The harpies pull the PCs towards them and rooting them to the spot with their alluring songs and then blasting them with their deadly screeches, dazing them. Meanwhile, the goblins move about throwing javelins and firing arrows at the party. This battle is much tougher – Ulthar is knocked unconscious, revived, and then knocked down again, failing two death saves. After the first harpy and most of the goblins have been killed, the surviving harpy and last goblin standing manage to give the PCs the runaround for several rounds before Sora charges the harpy and finishes it off. Feeling exhausted after the encounter, the PCs take an extended rest once they’ve looted the harpies’ nest.

Heading through the carved archway ahead in single file, the PCs approach a temple covered in monkeys. The little animals start climbing all over the party and suddenly two of them run off into the trees with Juma’s scroll and Gil’s wand. The PCs respond by attacking the thieving monkeys despite Sreedhar’s assertions that the animals are sacred. The monkeys are killed easily but the stolen items are caught by others as they fall out of the trees towards the ground. The PCs give chase with Sora trying to tell the others to stop killing monkeys. Eventually, they catch up with the monkeys and get their stuff back – while Sora gives one some food, Juma kills the other one. Returning to the temple, the party are disappointed that there doesn’t appear to be any treasure inside, just some carvings of Hanuman helping Shiva defeat Ravana. However, Sora, the only PC who didn’t kill any monkeys, notices a glow coming from a brick in the base of the statue of Hanuman. She doesn’t say anything to the others but goes back into the temple later when she’s on watch. In a hidden compartment, she finds a pair of red leather gloves bearing Hanuman’s face.

26th Maius           

The PCs go to investigate the three large stupas. As they pass the third giant stone bell, they are attacked by more goblins, one of whom is riding on a carrion crawler. Hrothgar charges in to the fray while Gil casts flaming sphere and orbmaster’s incendiary detonation between the bugbear and the ‘crawler. Hrothgar and Ulthar both get poisoned by the beast and Gil goes unconscious after being hit by several arrows and javelins from the goblins. Once the bugbear and the carrion crawler are killed, the tide turns in the PCs’ favour and the last two goblin sharpshooters run into the woods.