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Here’s what happened in Monday night’s game. Each PC gets 700 xp. All being well, we should finish the adventure next session.

23rd October (contd.)

Krivinn, Bolval, Khuma and Saethus go to the temple of Terak just before midnight, after finding a mysterious note pinned to their door. The door to the temple is ajar so the paladin strides boldly in. A hooded figure is standing at the altar. As the party approach, he turns; his cloak is swept away with a single motion, revealing tiny figures beneath with interlocked bones. Thirty skulls turn to look and chitter and leap from their zombie mount with one high-pierced shriek!

The bone collective moves forwards and attacks Krivinn, knocking the dragonborn prone. The adventurers fight back -– Bolval’s divine spells are particularly effective but Saethus’ attacks also do a fair bit of damage to the swarm of tiny skeletons as it continues to bite and claw Krivinn. The dwarf cleric’s turn undead prayer pushes the undead hive mind away and immobilises it, but the bone collective disperses into its separate parts and disappears. Saethus goes to investigate the trapdoor next to the altar but then the swarm reappears, attacking Krivinn again and disarming the paladin when he strikes at the little skeletons. Fortunately Khuma’s spirit bear is on hand to grab the execution axe back off the bone collective.

The dragonborn and the dwarf both keep getting bloodied and eventually Krivinn is forced to flee while prone using winter’s arrival. The bone collective is bloodied by a second turn undead from Bolval, but this causes the swarm to summon half a dozen skeletons which rise up and attack the party. Saethus casts a wall of fire in the centre of the room which gets rid of a few skeletons but the battle is not going that well. Krivinn is down to 6 hp and has had two weapons taken off him by the collective. Bolval heals the paladin yet again as the last skeleton drops. The PCs surround the bone collective which disperses again. This time, it doesn’t return.

The PCs search the temple and then the crypt where there are signs that a pair of bare-footed men performed a ritual of some sort. Realising that bone collectives originate in the Ghoul Imperium, there is some speculation by the PCs about the Empire’s involvement in the attack.

Returning to their quarters, the PCs run into the excitable young gladiator-in-training Rufilius Syreme who says he followed two members of Tiger Claw into the Hippodrome earlier that night. The two men apparently did some chanting around the Khemeti obelisk on the spina that caused its hieroglyphics to glow. The party then wake up a sleepy and grumpy Paramezzus and tell him about the incident at the temple of Terak.

24th October

The PCs are woken early by Jacobus banging on the door, asking them to drive the Greens’ chariots in the big race after the Old Quarter team went down with food poisoning. The party agree but decide to check out the obelisk before going to their crash course in charioteering. Saethus can detect some kind of ritual has been cast on the column.

Bolval sends a messenger snake to warn Bardas while Rogad rushes off to report to his master in person. Krivinn heads to the Celestial Bastion to report to Orthas, the soylana. The senior paladin tells the dragonborn he is more than capable of dealing with whatever situation is going to occur himself and sends him away. Meanwhile. Saethus has no luck getting help from the Esoteric Order of the Blue Lotus, and Khuma sends Rufilius to the temple of Niu Dahan. The PCs meet back at the Greens’ faction headquarters where they have a few minutes for Maruthus, manager of the team, to give them some quick top tips on driving chariots.


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Nov. 3rd, 2011 10:11 am (UTC)
Krivinn does not FLEE!
He Winter's Arrival to get to the other side of the skeleton pounding on Bolval.
Nov. 3rd, 2011 09:58 pm (UTC)
Re: Krivinn does not FLEE!
My bad - Krivinn was clearly employing a tactical manoeuvre well known to the Platinum Kinghts of Bahamut which involves horizontal teleportation away from the primary enemy to bravely rescue an ally from a minion.....
Nov. 4th, 2011 10:39 am (UTC)
Re: Krivinn does not FLEE!
If you remember the primary enemy was a) 15' away and had reach, b) behind a shock sphere from which K already took damage, c) Bolval, the primary healer was heavily bloodied, d) K only had approx 30 hp left, and e) was prone. Thus, his options were..
a) Stand up and attack no one
b) Stand up and move to next to primary beastie (taking approx 30 hp of dmg) but not attacking, while minion takes down Bolval
c) teleport next to Beastie and attack (miss chance about 70%, especially as prone) and lose weapon, while minion takes down Bolval and then Primary takes down K, leaving the party without primary and secondary healer AND primary melee fighter and meat shield
d) teleport next to minion, take down minion (only needed to hit and that was about 80% chance), preserve party healer.

You choose!

Being a paladin means putting other needs above your own, not being foolhardy and sacrificing yourself to no good.

So there, nyah nyah
Nov. 4th, 2011 09:03 pm (UTC)

Yes, as I said before, you employed the well-known horizontal teleportation technique to save another member of the party.

BTW, saying "nyah, nyah" to your DM might be a risky move. You wouldn't want Krivinn's chariot to be the one with the wobbly wheels and the skittish horses, would you? ;)

Nov. 5th, 2011 08:12 pm (UTC)
I have a strange feeling that Rufilius is going to be important in some way...
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