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Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere!

I'm up to my eyes in monsters at the moment as Brian Liberge and I spend all our free time writing and converting 4e monsters for a new Bestiary for Open Design's Midgard setting. I'm having a lot of fun with it and it's going to be very cool when it's finished. I've certainly learned a lot about what makes good monster design in 4e while writing the book, and it's got me thinking about monster stats vs story, and what makes a monster interesting and fun.

As it's nearly Halloween, there have been lots of other articles posted to the web about monsters. In Creating the Banderhobb, Steve Townshend writes about how the scary and brilliant banderhobb evolved in his campaigns through the different editions of D&D, before making its appearance in the Monster Manual 3 and in this month's Dragon ecology article. I love this monster and am thinking about how they might fit into Courts of the Shadow Fey when I run it in December.

montecook writes here about monsters and the history of D&D, and talks about the importance of looking back at what was created in bygone editions for inspiration, lessons learnt or cool things to update for the latest edition of the game. Well worth a read. 

Not new, but the picture of the much-maligned gorbel  in Monte's article led me to the Playing D&D with Porn Stars blog (the author lives in Hollywood and that's who he games with) where Zak S has reimagined some of the more crazy Fiend Folio creatures.

For those of you who just want to chuckle at silly looking Fiend Folio monsters, there's this site.


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