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Here's what happened in last night's game. First PC death for some time! Each PC gets 1,275 xp; Khuma gets an additional 375 xp for facing the Grizzly.

23rd October (contd.)
As the PCs leave the arena, Krivinn grabs the poultice from Farria's costume and sniffs it - it smells of mint and appears to contain faraja leaves. Bolval brings the gladiatrix round with a healing prayer but Farria refuses to say who gave her the poultice. There is no time for the party to investigate further as Khuma is about to face the Grizzly in single combat. The PCs take their seats in the front row.

Khuma and the Grizzly face each other in the Hippodrome – Khuma's entrance is more impressive but it's the Grizzly who is the more effective fighter, landing blow after blow as his opponent's spear thrusts and attacks from his spirit companion miss time and time again. The shaman is forced to heal himself several times, drinking potions and even calling down a golden owl, as the Mammonite traitor continues to press the attack. Khuma defies death once but falls unconscious when the Grizzly lands a terrible blow – a critical hit doing over 60 points of damage. The evil barbarian follows this up with a death blow, cutting off Khuma's head and holding it up to the appalled crowd!

Krivinn leaps over the barrier and on to the sands, shouting "Put it down, in the name of Bahamut!" The Grizzly invokes Mammon and says he "spits on Bahamut" which sends the paladin into a state of righteous anger. Bolval and Rogad also jump into the arena to attack the bloodthirsty barbarian. The dwarf charges in but it's Krivinn who delivers the killing blow to take down the gladiator. Rogad turns into mist, unsure of how the crowd will react. Krivinn takes the Great Bear Totem from the Grizzly's corpse and the PCs carry Khuma's body out of the arena.

Jacobus rushes up to confront the PCs in a colossal fluster. He's angry at them for jumping into the arena and attacking the Grizzly, but more furious with the Grizzly for killing Khuma. The PCs are given a bye to the final to give them enough time to get Khuma raised from the dead.

Bolval performs the raise dead ritual, using the gold found in the Ironcrags to meet the component cost, and helped by Krivinn and Rogad. They learn from Dharina, Blues cheerleader, that Tarkhan Kadir and the rest of the Greens chariot team have gone down with food poisoning ahead of tomorrow's big race. Getting Khuma's head back on and the shaman back on his feet is the PCs' priority so they pay little attention to her vapid gossiping.

At dusk, the PCs take to the arena against the Sand Net Slayers, led by current champion Volponus Venazzi. The entrance of the Luminous Heroes of the Ironcrags impresses the crowd, winning them over. Amazingly, Krivinn is quickest off the mark, charging in to attack Volponus and Skullcrusher the ogre. Nganga the witch doctor curses Rogad so that every time she hits someone with a spell the warlock takes the same amount of damage. Krivinn takes down Skullcrusher and uses knightly intercession to save Khuma from Viperstrike's arrows. Nganga is attacked by a fan – she strikes back, bloodying Rogad in the process. Bolval casts mass cure light wounds to keep everyone on their feet but then goes down to a poisoned arrow from the yuan-ti. Khuma heals the dwarf but he's unconscious again almost straightaway. Krivinn brings the cleric round and the PCs work together to defeat the last two opponents standing – Volponus and Aegis Sparkhooves the centaur. Krivinn knocks out the champion and Aegis surrenders.

The PCs have won the final and the grand prize – 7,500 gold bezants and a pennant helm – and Krivinn is presented with the Platinum Helm by the hawk-faced and frightfully well-spoken tribune of the Imperial Quarter, Aurius Kalothese. The dragonborn will hold this trophy until the next Games.

When the PCs arrive back at their quarters, exhausted and ready for their beds, they find a note on the door which reads:

"I have some information for you about what's going to go down tomorrow. Meet me in the temple of Terak tonight at midnight. Be discreet and come alone."

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