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Here's what happened in last night's game. Not much xp this week: 613 xp for 7th level PCs, 750 xp for 6th level PCs and 800 xp for 5th level PCs.

3rd Flamerule (contd)
The elves land next to the party, and their leader, Killiar Arrowswift (pictured), asks them why they’re in the swamp. The PCs explain and hand him the jade band they found on the owl. Killiar orders his men to open the stomach of the dead dragon creature (he calls it a “harrowblade”) and they find a ring belonging to missing warrior Lanikar Nightshadow inside. While more giant owls are sent for, the PCs open the iron coffer and take the items inside.

The party leave their horses behind and are taken on the owls to the Tiri Kitor’s encampment of Starsong Hill where they meet Speaker Sellyria Starsinger (a druid with a giant crocodile companion) and High Singer Trellara Nightshadow (bard and sister of the dead Lanikar). Vastori commiserates with Trellara. Learn some useful info about the Red Hand forces inside the ruins of Rhest.

4th Flamerule
The PCs attend the funeral of Lanikar Nightshadow.

5th Flamerule
Trellara cast identify on the magic items found in the harrowblade’s lair. Divide up the loot and buy potions from Illian Snowmantle (cleric of Corellon Larethian). Kiaphas buys a couple of gourds and tests them out in the river to see if they will work as floats.

Set off for Rhest in a pair of rowboats; attacked by a chuul. Grudge and Moralias both fall out of the boats. Kiaphas is paralysed, then dropped into the swamp water when the chuul fumbles its attack, but he floats thanks to his gourd arrangement. After Vastori finishes the monster off, Grudge tries to harvest the paralyzing fluid from its tentacles and paralyzes himself. Hunt around for its lair and find its treasure.
Camp for the night near the lake surrounding Rhest.

6th Flamerule
Rystal, Kiaphas’ hawk familiar, flies invisibly over Rhest but is killed by an acid attack when it swoops down into a hole in the roof of the biggest building. Kiaphas loses 1,000xp.

Avatea casts mass resist energy (acid) on the party. Head towards the nearest lizardfolk hut. Vastori attempts to parley with them without success and the humanoids attack. (“We’ll kill this lot and talk to the next ones.”) Five lizardfolk are killed; the sixth (named Kraal) surrenders and is interrogated badly and tied up by Grudge.

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