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Here's what happened in Monday night's game. Each PC gets 1,540 xp; Khuma gets 840 xp for his part in the battle with the beasts.

22nd October (contd.)
The battle continues, with Saethus joining the fray in place of Khuma. Rogad is knocked unconscious again but is healed by Bolval and changes into a shadowy form to escape the beasts. Krivinn attacks the owlbear but is slid into another fighter-flinger trap and goes flying through the air. When he gets to his feet and charges the monster he is grabbed and stunned. The manticore takes Bolval down with his tail spikes Saethus is guilty of a few shocking misses before killing the owlbear with storm cage, allowing Krivinn to get to the dwarf and lay hands on him. Rogad teleports the trihorn behemoth into the eladrin's storm cage, before killing the dinosaur with eyebite. Then, the PCs finish off the manticore and the fight is all over.

After their victory, the PCs talk to Marcellus, "tattooist-at-large", to see if he recognises the tattoo on the severed arm the party rescued from the girallon. The huge tattoo-covered man identifies it as Tiangaon but can't be more specific. The PCs remember that half of the Tiger Claw team are Tiangaon; Rogad tries to find them but they are nowhere to be seen.

The party spend a bit more time that afternoon gathering information around the Hippodrome:

Tiger Claw followed up their victory over the Fiery Hornets with a much less likely victory over the Black Executioners in the afternoon fighting.

Vimak Bonesplitter, the leader of Mountain Avalanche, tells the PCs his team did better in the afternoon against the Roaring Dragonnes; their gladiators smelled strongly of mint. Lorenzo the herbalist says that faraja leaf tea has a minty smell.

Salma Greeneyes, costume seamstress, warns Krivinn about the Mutya Monsoon and Farria Tsunami, members of Lightning Strike - the PCs' opponents tomorrow morning.

Saethus runs into arrogant arena champion Volponus Venazzi who says the PCs are unlikely to do so well against his team, the Sand Net Slayers.

Rogad talks to Thea Achillia who asks how the party are getting on with their investigation into the gladiator deaths. She tries to ask Paramezzus for help but the physician isn't speaking to her "after what happened at the Thunder Throwndown in Maius."

Khuma finally tracks down The Grizzly and recognises him as Vinekh Khatun, betrayer of the Pei'pa tribe! The Great Bear Totem is hanging round the shifter's neck. A fight nearly breaks out there and then but the pair agree to settle their differences in the arena in the morning.

In the evening, the PCs are visited by their patron, the stunningly attractive Lady Viviana Megaris who presents Saethus with a crest of vigilance eternal for killing the owlbear in the hippodrome.

23rd October
The PCs are briefed by Jacobus on the rules of Capture the Flag and then head into the arena where they are to face Lightning Strike. The party start the contest in their "base" where they place their flag. Saethus and Rogad head off into the maze, scouting as far ahead as they dare. This is quite far – Rogad gets caught by a leg breaker trap, then is attacked by a pair of hooded elves and ends up in the enemy jail. The two elves then cross into the PCs' territory and attack Bolval – the dwarf takes quite a bit of damage but sends them both to the party's jail. Meanwhile, Krivinn takes on the whip-wielding Mutya and Farria and jails them too. Rogad escapes, then teams up with Saethus and the two arcanists sneak up on Caius Gutripper and the enemy flag. Krivinn and Bolval take out Thariel Stormweaver (the elf wizard) and Farria. Meanwhile, Caius spots Rogad and Saethus and his attack sends the eladrin to jail. It's too late though - time has run out and Jacobus declares the Luminous Heroes of the Ironcrags as winners on points.

As the PCs leave the arena, they notice what seems to be a poultice sticking out of the unconscious Farria's leather gladiatrix outfit...

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