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Here’s what happened in Monday night’s game - no Jonas but a big welcome to Marco! Each PC gets 875 xp and 2 Fame (Rogad gains 3 Fame).

21st October
Just before turning in for the night, the PCs are approached as they sit quietly in the courtyard of their quarters. The stranger is at first unwilling to say who he is which makes Krivinn very suspicious, but after some initial confusion, the party realise this is Rogad, the Prefect’s “inside man.” The others tell the warlock about some of their exploits and of their intense dislike of the Ghoul Imperium – this almost certainly confuses Rogad even more, but they agree to fight together in the arena in the morning.

22nd October
The first day of the Victory Games arrives and the PCs are scheduled to fight Mountain Avalanche, a brutal all-goliath team led by Vimak Bonesplitter. Taking advantage of 6-1 odds they place a 500 gold bezant wager on themselves to win with an unsuspecting bookie. As the Luminous Heroes of the Ironcrags enter the hippodrome, Bolval shouts out their names: Killer Bear, Bahamut’s Jaw, Twilight Mist and the Beer Monster. The crowd applaud politely but the dwarf hasn’t really won them over. Fortunately Khuma’s innate showmanship is pretty impressive – he summons his spirit companion into the front row – and the spectators seem more interested in the new gladiators.

The battle against Mountain Avalanche is swift, with the Luminous Heroes convincing victors, despite an initial set back when Krivinn steps on a “fighter-flinger” and flies through the air to land far from his companions. The goliaths attempt to divide and conquer the PCs with Vimak going for Khuma, Gauthak Mountain-Hammer and Lo-Kag the Colossus bashing Bolval and Rogad, and Thotham Ironbones and Eglath Stonefoot charging the prone paladin. Back on his feet, Krivinn uses knightly intercession to pull Gauthak away from Rogad and takes him down. The contest soon turns in the PCs’ favour and the crowd roar in approval as Vimak goes down and the last two goliaths yield.

After collecting their winnings, the PCs spend some time talking to gladiators and arena staff to try and find out what’s going on in and around the Hippodrome:

Hrolf says Tiger Claw did better than expected in their first bout of the day, beating the Fiery Hornets in record time.

Rufillius Syreme, a young aspiring gladiator, tells them that his mentor, The Wolverine, keeled over and died a couple of weeks ago while getting ready for a fight, despite being very fit.

Paramezzus, the gnarled-looking hippodrome physician, says the water in the baths could be to blame for the mysterious deaths, but backtracks when challenged, admitting he is at a loss to explain what is behind them. Krivinn catches the old man when Rogad attempts to knock him into the bathwater!

Tamman, a half-orc masseur, shows the PCs a leaf he found among the Wolverine’s clothes. The PCs take the leaf to Lorenzo, a herbalist who has a stall in the bazaar just outside the Hippodrome. Lorenzo identifies it as a faraja leaf – a stimulant which can be made into a tea “to pep you up.” Rogad buys some apple tobacco to put in his sheesha.

The afternoon sees the Luminous Heroes of the Ironcrags back on the sands battling four of Borysko’s beasts - a wind-claw owlbear, a trihorn behemoth, a mesmeric-eye basilisk and a manticore. The owlbear is a terrible opponent, taking down Khuma first and then Rogad, although Khuma is brought round by Bolval’s healing prayers. The shifter kills the basilisk as the others battle the owlbear and the behemoth, and the manticore, hanging back, fires volleys of spikes into the fray.


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Aug. 18th, 2011 05:41 pm (UTC)
Much as I'd like to take the credit for the demise of the basilisk, I don't think Khuma has actually done any damage so far... His main contribution to the fray has been to suck up damage from the owlbear and then fall over!
Aug. 18th, 2011 05:58 pm (UTC)
Ah, OK - my notes just said "K" so it must have been Krivinn!

EDIT: fixed!

Edited at 2011-08-18 06:31 pm (UTC)
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