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Updated Parsantium city map

It seems fitting that the last session of the mammoth adventure, Halls of the Mountain King, was also the 100th session to take place in the Parsantium campaign setting. Now the Black Horse group is back in the city, I thought I should post an updated map with some more locations marked. When I've got more time I'm going to get kb98 to show me how to redo all the labels so they don't sit on top of the lines of the roads and ward walls.

Notes on locations

Dev'shir Estate (Grand Ward) - home of Lady Patricia Dev'shir, rescued from Orloch Scragmane's slave pits; hired the Juma Gang to investigate how her aunt Cordelia's necklace ended up on sale in a Dock Ward pawn shop.

Celestial Bastion (Grand Ward) - chapter-house/temple of the Platinum Knights of Bahamut. Its soylana (master) is a middle-aged human paladin called Orthas, a veteran of several battles against raiding humanoids.

Forum of Heraclius I (Emerald Ward) - largest public square in the city, dominated by a tall column, once topped with a bronze statue of Terak, pulled down by Kalgroth Ironheart, hobgoblin ruler of Parsantium over 100 years ago

Mosaic Lantern (Emerald Ward) - upscale inn

House of the Foaming Tankard (Jewel Ward) - temple to Ninkash, dwarven goddess of beer

Curio Cabinet (Mercantile Quarter) - dusty, crammed shop in Tinker's Alley run by an old lady called Irene. Many interesting items for sale.

Cloven Nine HQ (Poor Ward) - abandoned chapel to Mammon, shut down by the City Watch

Orloch Scragmane's Slum Tenement (Dock Ward) - HQ of a notorious slum lord and slaver, brought low by adventurers. Next door is St Caspieran's Salvation, a mission & chapel of Pelor run by Brother Jerome.

Hippocampus Baths (Makers Ward) - popular bathhouse in the Weaver's Sabban of the guildhall district

See the index page for links to other location descriptions
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