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Here's what happened in last night's game, back in the City at the Crossroads. Each PC gets 875 xp.

16th October
The PCs arrive back in Parsantium. En route, Bolval and Saethus have translated enough of the big Mammonite ledger they found to identify the location of a cult chapel in the Poor Ward which Orodak frequented.

A note awaits Brave Ella at the party's apartment – her father has been taken ill so she heads off to the Feyshore Forest to her home village of Misthollow to be at his bedside.

17th October
Bolval pays his respects at the House of the Foaming Tankard (Ninkash's temple in the Jewel Ward) and looks in on Kaham Al-Vizhon at the White Palm and samples a few beers. Saethus goes to the Marjani Minar, headquarters of the Esoteric Order of the Blue Lotus, to report on his adventures in the Ironcrags and is told the guild are on the lookout for wondrous undiscovered magicks. Krivinn visits the Celestial Bastion in the Grand Ward, conferring with the soylana of the Platinum Knights of Bahamut, Orthas. Despite their past disagreements, the senior paladin is pleased when Krivinn hands over the ledger of the Mammon cult and vows to have it translated so the archdevil's influence on Parsantium can be stamped out once and for all. The dragonborn tells Orthas not to send anyone to the cult base beneath the leatherworker's shop in the Poor Ward – Krivinn pledges to deal with the so-called Cloven Nine personally. Meanwhile, Khuma, who has no organisations to check in with spends much of the day drinking and whoring.

18th October
The PCs head to the leatherworker's shop only to find it sealed under the orders of Watch Captain Saurish. They go to the watch house and see Saurish who tells them that all bar one of the Cloven Nine escaped. This fellow, a longtooth shifter named Vinekh Khatun, belonged to Khuma's tribe. Some kind of treachery has been afoot! Khuma persuades Saurish to show them the evidence taken from the chapel, and to let them visit the cult HQ with a watchman. Nothing of interest is discovered, however.

20th October
A messenger snake delivers an invite to meet Bardas, the Prefect of the City, at the Mosaic Lantern in the wealthy Emerald Ward. The prefect tells the party that Avishandu, "Fourth Tribune" of the Hidden Quarter, is plotting something to take place at the Victory Games at the Hippodrome. Bardas wants the PCs to go undercover as gladiators, find out what the crime boss is up to and put a stop to it; for this, they will be well rewarded. Khuma is definitely up for it but Saethus isn't sure, and Krivinn is concerned that any kind of subterfuge could be seen as lying - something he has sworn never to do. Once again he visits Orthas – the wise Knight advises him that serving the proper ruler of the City is also serving the will of Bahamut.

The PCs must report to the Editor of the Games in the morning. That afternoon, Krivinn returns the huge gold plate found in the Ironcrags to the Sevrius family who are very grateful for its return.

21st October
The party go to the magnificent Hippodrome and audition to become gladiators in front of the Editor of the Games, Jacobus Tusco and the stable owners Thea Achillia and Volponus Venazzi. First, the PCs need to impress the panel with their showmanship, which they manage to do in their different ways – Krivinn cuts the table in two with his axe and Khuma performs a crazed charge. Then, they are put up against a pair of dire tigers and a dire bear – the fight is done and dusted in less than two rounds. Jacobus welcomes the party into the ranks of the gladiators. Each is given a stage name: Khuma is Killer Bear, Saethus is Electro, Krivinn is Bahamut's Jaw and Bolval is the Beer Monster. As they head to their quarters, Thea follows after them, asking the heroes to find out why gladiators have been dying under mysterious circumstances.

Later that day, the PCs talk to Hrolf, an Urskovian barbarian gladiator, and the flirtatious Trixa Wildcat before a 6pm briefing by Jacobus on the rules of the Games and the importance of razzamatazz! Afterwards, Borysko the gnoll beast handler takes the party to see his "little pets" – a collection of dire animals and monsters they may end up facing in the arena. When they reach the girallon's cage, they spot the beast is chewing on a human arm! The PCs go into the cage to battle the four-armed ape and recover the tattooed limb. Jacobus is summoned and a roll call takes place but there is no one missing, although blood on the floor in the corridor and some large bones in the manticore's cage clearly point at foul play. Unsure what to do next, the PCs turn in for the night, ahead of their first arena fight in the morning.

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