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Here's what happened in last night's (much easier than usual) game.

Kiaphas & Moralias get 1,767 xp each; Enzo, Grudge & Avatea get 1,600 xp each; Vastori gets 1,167 xp.

26th Kythorn
Before leaving town, the PCs trash the ferry so it can’t be used by the Red Hand Horde. Head east.

27th Kythorn
Overtake the refugees on the road. Arrive in Terrelton; stay at the Hungry Hippogriff. Try and convince badger-haired Arrius Smythe, head of the Merchants Council, that the town needs to be evacuated. Get nowhere. Back at the inn, meet Teyani Sura, a Lion of Brindol, who warns of hobgoblins blockading the Old Rhest Trail. Go back to see Smythe again with this information but he’s not very interested as he has a dinner engagement.

28th Kythorn
Meet the crusading cleric Leille of Tyr in the morning – she promises she will try and get the Merchant’s Council to see sense. Easy skirmish with a band of hobgoblins and a hell hound on the road.
Arrive in Nimon Gap. Meet Farmer Eavis again at the Cross-Eyed Beholder. Speaker Anwen listens to the PCs’ warnings and agrees that the hamlet must be evacuated since it has nothing much in the way of defenses. Kiaphas tries to give the town guard’s sergeant a few tips, but he’s too long in the tooth to listen to the wizard’s advice.

29th Kythorn
Arrive in Talar; stay at the Singing Sprite. Sell loot and meet with Lady Celiira Nesten.

2nd Flamerule
Reach the Rhest Trail blockade. Kiaphas’ hawk familiar scouts ahead, spotting two ogres behind the palisade and nine hobgoblins in the main building. After Kiaphas attacks with a fireball, Vastori rides up and leaps over the fence to fight one of the ogres and Moralias charges the doors, breaking them open and smashing his lance. The battle is over pretty quickly and the PCs manage to capture three hobgoblins. Grudge interrogates them: find out they were stationed here by Wyrmlord Saarvith who is based in the city of Rhest and has a black dragon as his mount. Spend the night in the stockade.

3rd Flamerule
Set off towards Rhest; Grudge catches the others up.
Attacked in the Blackfens by a green dragon-like creature which breathes acid but cannot fly. After it’s been killed, the PCs spot an iron coffer in the undergrowth and find a jade band inscribed with the name “Liokio” in Elvish on the leg of the dead giant owl the monster had been feeding on. As the PCs go to open the coffer, they spy five elves riding giant owls above them.


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Sep. 4th, 2007 11:24 pm (UTC)
Last session
Well I agree it was easier than normal although I think that was largely due to all the party accidentely pulling in the same direction and some lucky dice roles!

Sad news about Grudge leaving us. What are we going to do when our Paladin is also away!

Sep. 5th, 2007 07:10 pm (UTC)
Re: Last session
Totally agree about the loss of Grudge. Looks like you'll be holding the line on your own most weeks!

I guess you should enjoy these easy sessions while they last.
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