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Here’s what happened in last night’s game in which I rolled 4 crits against poor old Krivinn in the same combat. Each PC gets 975 xp.

25th Quintilis (contd.)
As the PCs battle Ghrysigor the two-boar-headed diabolic gatekeeper and his kobold sorcerer sidekicks, steam whistles can be heard going off further inside the complex. The alarm has been raised, bringing four Golden Guard templars to reinforce the Mammonites. Bolval’s spiritual weapon continues to pummel the devil, the devil pummels, then dominates, Krivinn, and Khuma rages, turning into his new badass polar bear-headed form and charging the gatekeeper. Once Ghrysigor has been slain, the guards set off flame jet blasters as the paladin bears down on them. The tide has turned by now, however, and only one guardsman escapes with his life. The PCs have only time for a short rest though – something big is heading their way....

Heading out into the main corridor, the party sees a well-drilled platoon of dwarven shieldbearers in gold armour advancing from the left, while the deranged form of Bragollach the gold dragon appears from the right, clad in golden armour bristling with spikes and blades and marked with infernal runes. Krivinn tries to reason with her, and manages to remove some of the corrupting armour but Bragollach breathes molten gold on him over and over again, exposing the dragonborn to gold fever. Bolval and Khuma are also attacked and after a while the PCs realise they are not going to get through to the former Vianna. The bear shaman uses spirit of the healing flood to wipe out most of the annoying dwarves, and the cleric takes out Bragollach using lance of faith to knock her unconscious. The PCs dispatch the last two dwarves and then strip the golden armour from the dragon, waiting for her to come round.

Bragollach comes to her senses and tells the PCs that the cult of Mammon is building a big idol out of corrupted gold in the Prime Forge; there are many devils as well as humans, tieflings, imps and even a female vampire among the cultists. The PCs go back up the water-rise with the dragon to rest. Khuma dozes off on watch. When he wakes up, the dragon has gone.

26th Quintilis
Krivinn recovers from gold fever.

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