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Here’s what happened in last night’s game. Each PC gets 990 xp.

29th Iunius
The PCs buy 8 days worth of expensive supplies and head off into the Sunblight Barrens. The extreme heat of the desert proves too much for Hrothgar and the hairy gnoll contracts sun sickness.

30th Iunius
Gil conjures a Tenser’s floating disk to carry the poorly Hrothgar. Spotting a lush oasis on the horizon, the PCs make for it, only for it to turn out to be a mirage. Confused, they blunder into an ambush by a group of belgoi (bell-ringing fey humanoids) and their pet chathrang - a tortoise-like creature that can fire poisonous tethers from its back. Juma is commanded to attack Gil by the belgoi caller, Ulthar is reeled in by the chathrang and the others are split up by the tingling bells of the other fey. Hrothgar is jumped by a belgoi stalker who dazes him, then stabs him with his claw, doing 15 points ongoing damage! Gil casts ice storm, Sora helps out Hrothgar by taking a hit intended for the gnoll and Juma goes after the caller. Ulthar, meanwhile, escapes the chathrang but is quickly snared again, making it hard for him to help the rest of the PCs with healing magic. The PCs kill the craven minions and then the two belgoi hunters. It’s unclear how much Juma’s dwarf wall of fire plays a part in this. When this happens, the stalker and the caller withdraw, leaving the PCs to finish off the chathrang.

1st Quintilis
Hrothgar is still suffering from sun sickness so Gil conjures another Tenser’s floating disk to chauffeur the barbarian. The PCs have to make their way across some quite treacherous terrain but manage to reach their destination late in the afternoon. Ahead two guard towers of dwarven construction flank a passage leading into the side of a bluff. Hrothgar and Sora scout ahead, working out that the figures they can see behind the arrow slits are straw dummy decoys. Ahead, a portcullis blocks their path to a pair of gates beyond. Meanwhile, Ji’ad has climbed 50’ to the top of the bluff and spotted a large hole leading down inside. He throws down a rope and the others climb up. The PCs make their way towards the opening which is surrounded by large nests.

As they get nearer, a clamour of harpies attacks. Two are killed fairly quickly but the bird-woman are able to use their alluring songs to pull Ji’ad and Hrothgar into the hole; the two PCs fall 50’ and land at the many feet of a carrion crawler! On top of the bluff, one harpy goes after Gil, who is hanging back, while the other survivor attacks Sora and Ulthar near the hole. The two fighters kill their opponent but then it’s Gil’s turn to be pulled into the hole to fall to the courtyard below, where he lands on top of the carrion crawler. Sora and Ulthar slay the last harpy as ongoing damage from Hrothgar (or was it Juma’s deadly dwarf wall of fire?!) finishes off the carrion crawler.

Sora and Ulthar use a rope to join the others in the courtyard. Ji’ad finds an amber figurine of three monkeys in the pile of sand.

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