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Here’s what happened in last night’s game. Each PC gets 1,200 xp.

26th Iunius (contd.)
The battle with Haledon and the dwarves over, the PCs decide to press on for the rest of the day. Ji’ad tries to start an argument with Mag Blackthorn, implying the ranger is going to lead them into a trap of some sort, but the others tell him to shut up. That night, a mountain lion passes by the party’s camp, causing a bit of scare.

27th Iunius
Hrothgar catches a young wild boar for breakfast getting the day off to a good start. It’s all downhill from here though as the PCs take a wrong turn and blunder into an ambush by a band of gnolls led by a pack lord mounted on a manticore. Ulthar falls victim to a bout of demonic frenzy and attacks Gil as two far fang archers open fire from higher ground and three gorgers charge forward. Hrothgar shoves one of the gorgers into the sharp thorn bushes but he too is overcome by demonic influences and attacks Sora. Ji’ad, Sora and Hrothgar defeat the bloodthirtsty gorgers with help from Gil’s flaming sphere. Ulthar leaps on top of the rocks to attack one far fang. Hrothgar and Sora kill the pack lord, then go for the other archer. Ji’ad runs through the thorn bushes to help them out, taking 20 hp damage in the process, when going round them might have been simpler! Ulthar finishes off the last gnoll as the manticore flies off. In a bad way, the PCs set up camp early.

28th Iunius
Emerging from the Thornwaste, the PCs approach the tiny village of Dunesend; Mag says goodbye and heads back down the trail. In the centre of the community a large gnoll (the Warden) kills a helpless villager as his behir mount looks on. When the party approaches, the gnoll unleashes a stream of insults at Hrothgar, calling him a coward for surviving the massacre of the Ghen’khaz tribe by Yeenoghu’s “instrument of vengeance”. Hrothgar wants to charge but Gil’s ice storm has made this difficult and then the behir’s lightning strike pushes him back and knocks him over. Meanwhile, three satyr archers and a piper have appeared from hiding and join the attack. Sora attacks the annoying piper, helped by Ulthar, who charges in and kills him. Gil conjures another flaming sphere to aid Ji’ad and Hrothgar who are attacking the behir. Hrothgar is grabbed by the draconic beast which starts to chew on him; undeterred he attacks the Warden from the behir’s jaws, taking him down, then hacks his way out of the creature’s clutches! With the Warden and behir out for the count, the surviving satyrs withdraw.

Hrothgar brings the Warden round and tries to find out what he knows about his tribe. His enemy isn’t particularly cooperative and dies under the strain of the interrogation. Hrothgar rips out his heart and eats it, freaking out the villagers who had started to come forward sheepishly. Ulthar and Sora are able to calm them down and the smith Darkus Comahni and village elder Lotho Elberesk talk to the party. They explain that the Warden was collecting tribute on behalf of Queen Shephatiah, Queen of the Drylands. It sounds like this queen is based in the Karak mines the PCs are looking for.

The villagers offer the PCs food, drink and a bed for the night in the old caravanserai but are freaked out again when Hrothgar goes round decorating the hamlet’s perimeter with bits of the Warden’s body “as an example to others.”

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