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Derro Insanity Tech

I wrote a few derro insanity tech items for the 4e conversion of Halls of the Mountain King which didn’t make it into the final adventure, two of which appeared in last night’s session. Here they are:

Psychotropic Bellows

This strange apparatus consists of a pair of bellows attached with a pipe to a glass jar. The glass jar is strapped on to the back of the derro wielder with a harness and contains a potent blend of spores from various dangerous hallucinogenic mushrooms including Destroying Angels, Mammon’s Boletes and Cackling Jack-o-Lanterns grown by the derro in their dank farm-caves. The insane demi-humans often consume these fungi in small quantities as part of their rituals in honour of Addrikah, the Mother of Madness, but when blended together, they become much more toxic. The wielder of the Psychotropic Bellows pumps them as a standard action to spray a cloud of spores at his enemies. To make sure that he isn’t affected by his own contraption, he wears a pair of goggles and a breath mask.

Inhaling the spores allows the victim to see beyond the veil that protects men’s minds from the Things That Should Not Be that lurk in the spaces between reality and nightmare.

Alchemical Insanity Tech Item

Power (Consumable, Psychic): Standard Action.
Make an attack: close blast 2; +13 vs Fortitude; on a hit, the target takes 2d6+6 psychic damage, is dazed (save ends) and you can slide him one square as he reels in confusion and fear.

The glass jar contains enough spores to make up to six attacks.

Nightmare Projector

Another piece of derro insanity tech making use of strangely curved, coloured lenses, the nightmare projector is typically used by derro artillery to soften up the enemy before sending in their war beetle cavalry to finish them off. The item appears as a burnished copper tube about two feet long with three glass lenses of different colours on hinges at one end. The wielder chooses which lens to use, points the device at his victim, and twiddles the knob at the other end.

The projector can be used three times per encounter. Unreliable, it can overheat and backfire on its wielder. Roll 1d6 each time the time is used, on a roll of 1, the item attacks its owner instead.

Level 12, Wondrous Item
13,000 gp

Power (Daily): Standard Action; Ranged 5. Flip down the yellow lenses to fire a ray of sickly yellow light at one target, +13 vs Fortitude, 2d8+9 psychic damage and target is dazed until the end of your next turn.

Power (Daily, Psychic): Standard Action; Ranged 5. Flip down the blue lenses to fire a ray of strobing blue lights at one target, +13 vs Will, 2d8+9 psychic damage and is stunned until the end of your next turn.

Power (Daily): Standard Action; Ranged 5. Flip down the brown lenses to fire a ray of muddy darkness at one target, +13 vs Fortitude, 2d8+9 psychic damage and the target is weakened (save ends)

Goggles That Pierce The Veil

These eyeglasses have a number of different lenses on hinges which can be flipped down over the eyes to allow the wearer to detect his enemies. Unfortunately, while the glasses help in some ways, they also confuse the derro wearing them by giving him a glimpse into other realities.

Level 15
Item Slot: Head 25,000 gp

Property: Gain a +2 item bonus to Perception checks

Power (Encounter): Minor Action. Flip down a pair of green lenses to see an enemy with concealment clearly, nullifying the -2 penalty to attacks. As a side effect, you grant combat advantage to adjacent enemies as your close-up vision is distorted by flickering shadows in the corners of your eyes.

Power (Daily): Minor Action. Flip down a pair of purple lenses to see an invisible enemy (or one with total concealment) as if he was visible. As a side effect, you are dazed for one round as the rest of your environment blurs into a series of mesmeric, psychedelic patterns.



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Mar. 9th, 2011 09:18 am (UTC)
The goggles - they do nothing!
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