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Here’s what happened in last night’s game. Each PC gets 993 xp.

22nd Quintilis (contd.)

After defeating the thoqqua, the PCs explore the rough-hewn hallways of the royal crypts, checking the magic mirror Roen gave them to see what is going on in the Great Hall above, before heading down a set of stairs leading into a square chamber. Here, three feldspar xorns are squabbling over the grave goods they've found inside a stone sarcophagus. Saethus fires off a spell at the elemental creatures who then turn towards the party and attack. A fourth (and larger) corundum xorn burrows beneath the PCs and bursts from the ground behind them, surprising Khuma!

The xorn are tough opponents and both Saethus and Krivinn are bloodied in no time. However, Bolval's flame strike turns the tide, and Khuma's death-defying (and near suicidal) charges start to pay off. The smaller xorn are beaten, then Saethus finishes off the elite corundum xorn with magic missile. The PCs decide to leader the gems in here alone, but they do take an extended rest to recover healing surges and treat the filth fever that's affected Bolval, Krivinn and Khuma - all three PCs manage to shake the disease off.

23rd Quintilis

The party heads back into the hallway and then down another set of stairs. These lead to a second staircase flanked by four statues of dwarves, all Illuminated Brothers wearing mnemonic fobs around their necks. When the PCs go to open the double doors carved with flaming pillars ahead of them, they trigger a glyph of warding which blasts the whole party but only damages Khuma. Then, Saethus threads his own mnemonic fob on to a piece of string and hangs it round his neck - this allows the wizard to unlock the doors.

The room beyond has intricately carved walls and a mosaic of a trowel inlaid in the floor. On each side of the chamber are six burial nooks – five have dwarven skeletons carved with scrimshawed writing lying on top of closed stone sarcophagi; the sixth holds a dark, polished stone. When Bolval goes to try and read the writing, the skeletons summon flaming axes and attack the party. The PCs try to decipher the carvings on the bones as they dodge blows from the skeletons and their tethered shadows which appear after the first round of combat. Bolval, now a holy emissary, casts turn undead, which drives skeletons and shadows into one corner of the room, then Saethus throws a wall of fire around the undead, trapping them. One skeleton isn’t stuck behind the wall – Krivinn grabs this one, holding him still so he and the other PCs can read the inscriptions. The party learn that the Illuminated Brotherhood tried to steer its clansmen away from the corrupted veins of orichalcum. They sealed a band of dwarves who refused to leave the mines beneath the mountain, damning them to darkness and madness. These dwarves became the Forsaken. When the last bit of information is discovered by Saethus, the tethered shadows become normal, harmless shadows again! The PCs attack the surviving skeletons who have been wounded by passing through the wall of fire and soon defeat them.

Before the PCs can take a short rest, they hear a faint pummeling of fists on the south wall. This is followed by the appearance of a ghostly set of arms, straining and reaching through the wall as if the body they connect to is stuck behind in the stone. This wall does look like it would be relatively easy to break through.....

When the arms don’t harm anyone, the PCs ignore them for the moment and search the room. Saethus picks up the dark, polished stone lying on top of a sarcophagus. Unfortunately, this is a cursed stone of penance which weighs him down. Nonetheless, he carries on opening sarcophagi, finding more treasure including a suit of +3 chain armour of dwarven vigour, ritual scrolls, potions and gold. One item is a huge gold plate marked with the crest of the Sevrius family of Parsantium. Krivinn and Bolval aren’t keen on taking any of this stuff as it feels like grave-robbing to them but the lure of new armour sways the dwarf’s opinion.....


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Feb. 9th, 2011 10:09 am (UTC)
Grave robbing
I like the way Krivinn and Bolval decided that grave robbing was ok, because there were no bodies in the sarcophagus. Nevermind they were lying on top of them when we entered the room. :)
Feb. 9th, 2011 01:25 pm (UTC)
Re: Grave robbing
Hahaha. Although to be fair, having destroyed the skeletons lying on top of the tombs a bit of grave robbing is just adding insult to injury!
Feb. 9th, 2011 04:30 pm (UTC)
Re: Grave robbing
Given that we'd already fried and mashed their one-time earthly vessels, I'm sure that nicking the grave goods doesn't count for much extra....
Feb. 22nd, 2011 09:50 am (UTC)
Re: Grave robbing
Oy! I never said grave robbing was ok. Krivinn said to take the plate (which we did -- Bag of Holding) as it belonged to a family in Parsantium and we will return it to its rightful owners. As to the Dwarven Armour, if a Dwarven cleric thinks it's ok, then it should be ok.
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