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Here’s what happened in last night’s game. Each PC gets 840 xp.

13th Iunius (contd.)

After shopping for potions and then returning to their apartment to rest, the PCs head to the Winking Vixen shortly before midnight only to find the brothel is closed. In the Sultry Siren tavern opposite, they find out from the landlord that Eusebia, the Vixen's madam, has been brutally murdered. Back across the street, the PCs knock on the door of the brothel and persuade Tamrin to let them in. The dwarf bouncer blames Vadim, Zeno's henchman, for the murder and tells the party how to access the secret door to the Golden Scimitars hideout beneath the building. The PCs have a look around Eusebia's office but don't find anything that will help them.

Hrothgar opens the secret door and scouts ahead, sneaking down the spiral staircase into the ancient tunnels of the Hidden Quarter. When he gives the all clear the others follow. After a few hundred yards, the gnolls hears crying coming from a side passage - it's a little girl in a red dress - but Hrothgar is suspicious as she is covering her face and runs off when he approaches. The barbarian follows with the other PCs coming right behind as the girl runs through a room in which four ghouls are lurking, ready to ambush the unwary. Fortunately the PCs are alert enough to not be taken by surprise and a battle ensues. Hrothgar is in the front and is attacked and paralysed by two ghouls while Rotten Mursel (the abyssal ghoul pack leader) and a stench ghoul also advance - their hideous stenches make it hard for the PCs to attack and to defend themselves. A fifth ghoul then appears from a door behind the PCs and attacks Juma and Ulthar. The party fight back and whittle their enemies down to just Rotten Mursel who is very tough to kill. Juma and Sora take it in turns to mark the ghoul but the paladin ends up paralysed and down to 5 hp. Luckily Ulthar is on hand to save Sora using his armour of sacrifice. Hrothgar delivers the killing blow to the ghoul who explodes in a necrotic death burst.

With the undead laid to rest, the PCs explore the other passages of the ghoul lair, bursting in on a room with four pathetic goblins dressed in little kids' clothes - including one in a red dress. Gil talks to them before the more bloodthirsty members of the party start swinging axes and swords around; the goblins agree to tell the PCs where to find Mr Mursel's treasure in exchange for their lives, so the party let them go.

The PCs return to the main corridor and continue to head west, heading through a secret door ahead of them. Beyond lies a corridor with arrow slits on both sides, heading into a room. Gil teleports in first and looks through the arrow slits, seeing a pair of gnoll archers lurking behind them. The others rush past the arrow slits, leaving the eladrin to get caught in the crossfire for there are gnolls on the opposite side too! Juma opens the door at the far end of the chamber to reveal two more enemies, a half orc and a human knife fighter, hiding behind it. The half orc falls first, then the gnolls (who take damage from Juma's dwarf-sized wall of fire) and finally the knife fighter with Hrothgar again delivering the finishing move.

The PCs search the room and the bedchamber beyond - as well as some money and potions, they find a map marking the Praying Mantis Dojo in "Tiangao-Town" (near the Temple of Niu Dahan),  with the symbol of the Golden Scimitars. They also discover a secret door in the rear wall of the guard room.

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