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Here’s what happened in last night’s game. Each PC gets 1,000 xp which is more than enough to get you all to 8th level.

12th Iunius (contd.)

The party return to their apartment in Aymara Sabban for the afternoon, before heading to the White Palm in the early evening to meet their patron Dulicitus. At the tavern, the landlord, Kaham al-Vizon, shows them into a private room and has a half-orc waiter bring them Desert Sands lagers, spiced olives and sheesha while they wait for the playwright. There is something suspicious about the waiter - when asked about him, Kaham says he will talk to the PCs after their meeting.

Dulicitus arrives in a foul mood, and Ulthar’s account of the PCs’ achievements in the investigation fail to impress him. Nevertheless, he pays them for the last three days, demanding they find some dirt on Petronas by the end of the week or provide a copy of his new play. The party are then rudely dismissed.

Next, Kaham takes them down to the yakhchal (cold storage room) to sample some beers as he explains that the Golden Scimitars have installed two spies on his bar staff - Ikar the half-orc and Sufyan the firesoul genasi. The landlord would like the PCs to get rid of them - he can’t afford to pay them (and isn’t happy to allow Hrothgar to deal pesh on the premises either!) but offers free drinks and food for a month in return. The party agree to help.

As the PCs head back upstairs, they spot a wealthy-looking Akhrani leaving the other private booth in a strop. This is Bahram Peroz, Speaker of the Guild of Weavers and Dyers. Hrothgar sneaks up to the booth and pulls back the curtain to reveal Zeno Meverel and his two Wicked Fang gnoll bodyguards. Hrothgar is spotted so issues a veiled threat to Zeno as the gnolls tell him to go away and stop bothering their master.

Juma heads off to the Winking Vixen for his special private party while the rest of the PCs rest and relax until just before midnight when the genasi returns, sated.

As they wait outside the back entrance to the White Palm to ambush Ikar and Sufyan, they themselves are ambushed by three Golden Scimitars knife fighters who are joined after a round by the PCs’ two targets! The knife fighters are dealt with first - Bigby’s icy grasp is very effective - but Ikar and Sufyan are more capable fighters. The half-orc charges Sora, slashing at her furiously with his broadsword and knocking her to the ground with his shield, while Sufyan sets first Juma and then Sora on fire. Juma kills Ikar and Ulthar brings down the genasi as he tries to climb up on to the rooftops and escape. The PCs find a note reading “Hippocampus Baths, 2nd hour after midday tomorrow” on one of the bodies.

Ikar  Sufyan

The PCs take Sufyan to a dark alley and try to interrogate him without success. Even Sora’s diplomacy and Hrothgar’s teeth don’t work and the genasi reacts to his missing finger by setting everyone on fire in retaliation! Hrothgar then kills him so Gil casts the speak with dead ritual to get the answers. Unfortunately he only gets time to ask one question but the PCs do at least learn the names of the people that will be at the bathhouse “meeting” tomorrow.

13th Iunius

The party spend the morning asking around after the names they got from Sufyan’s spirit in the taverns and coffee houses. Ulthar gives a stirring speech and the PCs head off to the Hippocampus Baths at midday. The bathhouse owner, a block-like female dwarf called Hildvin, welcomes them inside but the PCs must hand in their weapons and armour at the cloakroom. Ulthar isn’t keen so waits outside. When he’s caught opening the door to the furnace room, he’s politely asked to leave and retires to a coffee house opposite to watch the gates. Inside, the rest of the party familiarize themselves with the layout of the baths, and take up positions in the steamy tepidarium and caldarium.

Iancu Petronas, Beatus and Francio arrive at around 1pm, and at 1.30pm Bahram Peroz arrives. When a group of suspicious characters turn up just before 2pm, Ulthar follows them inside. Hrothgar spots that one of these men has a Golden Scimitars tattoo. Then, there’s a scream from Hildvin outside - one of the tellaks (attendants) has been murdered. As the PCs go to fetch their weapons - Juma summons his into his hand - it suddenly all kicks off as two of the Scimitars stab Gil several times. The poor wizard falls to the tiled floor, unconscious. The others rush over to help as the three Scimitars move in to attack and the bathers run for their lives. Francio stands and watches, looking uncomfortable.

Ulthar heals Gil as Tuzniq the assassin appears and throws a poisoned dagger at Juma, blinding him. Sora, Gil and Ulthar battle Ramazan and a knife fighter near the entrance; Juma and Hrothgar fight the assassin and the other knife fighter in the tepidarium. Ramazan and the two knife fighters are slain, but the assassin escapes after blinding the gnoll and the warlord. After managing to negotiate the slippery tiles successfully (using his “special human skills”), Ulthar tumbles into the warm pool when he tries to repeat the feat after the battle, followed by the also clumsy Gil.

The PCs search the baths. Juma bursts into a private bath, after hearing moaning from inside, to interrupt an elderly gentleman having a sexual act performed on him by an attendant! The genasi shuts the door and Sora opens the right one, finding Bahram Peroz who has been poisoned. Too tight to give him a healing potion, Juma attempts first aid and fails. Fortunately, the paladin is more generous and administers a potion. Bahram needs to be taken to a temple but is able to tell the PCs Zeno Meverel is behind the attempted murder. The crime lord’s base is under the Winking Vixen.

Meanwhile, Hrothgar has found the body of a half-orc tellak in the staff area as well as stairs down to the hypocaust. After taking a short rest, the PCs head down into the low-ceilinged, hot area beneath the baths. Here, the assassin and a third knife fighter are lurking, taking the party by surprise. Tuzniq and the knife fighter are tricky opponents in the cramped environment and they are also reinforced by Varazes the wizard and two Wicked Fang gnolls hiding in the furnace room. However, after a tough battle, the PCs are victorious and their enemies lie dead at their feet.

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