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Black Horse Parsantium Campaign Session #58: The Forge of the Fire Blessing

Here’s what happened in last night’s official “farewell to Lucy” session which marked the end of Chapter 3 of Halls of the Mountain King. Slightly disappointed no one tried to get on to the ledge using one of the giant water wheels or swung on any of the chains :(

Each PC gets 820 xp.

19th Quintilis (contd.)

Realising they need to get up to the altar-forge of Korak to sacrifice the Teardrop of Grajava, Saethus decides to open an arcane gate to a spot right next to it. Unfortunately, he is bound by the fiery gold chains of the kyton nearest to him, rooting him to the spot. The eladrin still manages to get the gate open but the PCs are held in place by the bludgeoning shadowy tentacles conjured by Tarisaul Eris, a cultist of Mammon. Khuma escapes the tentacles and dives through the arcane gate, appearing next to the altar. The shifter smashes the Teardrop on the forge - when he does so, it shatters in a rapidly expanding sphere of cerulean light. Tanya Hrovitz, priestess of Mammon, and her diabolic allies are not amused, and immediately set upon the shaman who is alone on the ledge.

Brave Ella is next through the gate but ends up in trouble as the Mammonites’ attention switches to her. Tanya’s infernal greedfire blinds the elf ranger and Khuma, and to make things worse, Ella is also bound by a kyton’s chains. Krivinn comes to her rescue, using hero's poise, and the ranger makes her first death save. Bolval who has been slow to react finally steps through the gate and Ella is healed.

Poor Saethus is now on his own on the lower level, facing a kyton and a hamatula. He’s caught in the kyton’s fiery chains several times but eventually manages to dispose of the devil using thunderwave. Meanwhile, up on the ledge, Ella splits the tree to kill Tanya and a hamatula. The last hamatula dies to Krivinn’s divine sanction when it attacks Bolval, and Eris is killed as he makes for the door to the Great Stair.

The battle over, the PCs loot the bodies, finding a +3 amulet of double fortune on Tanya and a +3 robe of avoidance on Eris. The party enter the secret chapter house to report to Most Silent Master Caradlather. Their actions have purged the unmined orichalcum of Mammon’s curse and cured anyone with gold fever. As a reward, each PC gains Korak’s Boon (a permanent increase to one ability score). Caradlather also gives Ella a map showing how to reach the Library of Thorvir Runeshadow via the Endless Stairs. There the ranger hopes to confront the evil Heinsoo!

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