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Kiaphas' Story

Here's Kiaphas' background. Now, if only we could get one for that paladin Sir Whatsisname.....

Kiaphas was born into one of the leading families of Ulkech, a town in region known as The Nath (North-east Halruua), he was groomed from an early age for a life of influence and power as his father’s heir. On reaching adulthood his father bought him a commission in the local milita, a prime opportunity to develop useful contacts for later in life, before entering the family trading company.

During a particulary hard winter The Nath was hit by raids from Crinti Raiders based in the Nathaghal mountain range. Deciding to cut the raids at the source the Elder Council decided to position patrols at the passes leading out of the mountains. Kiaphas was assigned command of a mounted detachment of militia and duly sent to patrol an isolated pass high up in the mountains.

While on route to the pass they were ambushed by Crinti raiding force. The bloodcurdling screams of the half-drow degenerates tore the air, panicking his mount causing it to stumble and end up pinning him to the ground. Seconds later a Crinti arrow ended its misery, but leaving him trapped under its bulk. He watched helplessly as the Crinti slaughtered his men and then he saw a Crinti walking towards him, its club held high above its head as he desperately tried to get free of his horses bulk.

He regained consciousness some time later, cold and surrounded by a slow expanding pool of his own blood to see a white robed figure leaning over him, the stranger looked him over and seemed to reach a decision. Words in the language of magic washed over him and the sensation of slowly drifting into a comforting trance.

He awoke to find himself a slave to a Wizard named Shaerov, initially he tried many times to escape but found the power of the Mage’s magics to much to overcome. 5 long years passed, Kiaphas became resigned to his new life and developed a a hesitant friendship with his master. In return and for his own amusement Shaerov taught him the rudiments of magic and uncovered in him a previously unknown talent for the art. There was however to be no release from his servitude, Shaerov had rescued him from a slow certain death, and his life was now forfeit to the Wizard’s service.

His freedom came unexpectedly, Shaerov returned from one of his frequent excursions a broken bleeding ruin. Kiaphas used what little he knew of the healing arts but was unable to prevent his death, and with his death Kiaphas’s servitude was ended. He gathered supplies from the rapidly collapsing cave, and fled into the mountain wildernesss. He had no knowledge of his location and it took many weeks and hardships to find his way down to the plains of Halruua and to his home town of Ulkech.

He returned to his family estates to find them run down and reduced, his father a enfeebled, drunken husk of the proud patriarch he remembered. He discovered that the family treasury had been emptied, paying for futile expeditions to recover him or his body and the strain had driven his mother to take her own life and this in turn had broken his father’s will and mind.

For a while he cared for his father and tried to rebuild the family fortune, but found himself uninterested in the day to day activity of a failing business and yearned to take further his study of the arcane arts. When his father died, unable to recognise his own son at the end. Kiaphas sold what was left of his inheritance and enrolled in Ulkech’s School of Magic. There he learned to manipulate the Element of Fire and threw himself into the intricacies of the art. On completing his studies he decided to leave Halruaa and try his luck elsewhere, there was nothing left to keep him.

Years have passed, Kiaphas has learned much and seen more in his journeys across Faerun. He has however become tired of wandering and has decided to return to The Nath to see what opportunities now exist for a man of his abilities.

Today his journey has brought him to Elsir Vale and a tavern in the town of Drellin’s Ferry.

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