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Here's what happened in Monday night's game - good to get two encounters in this time! Each PC gets 733 xp.

10th Quintilis (contd)

Frostgrenze the chimera charges the PCs, breathing fire on them all (something of a surprise), and knocking Krivinn unconscious after double attacks from his three heads. Khuma heals the paladin who stays toe to toe in melee with the beast while the other PCs get rid of the crows flying around the hold and attack the chimera from range. Not-so-brave Ella backs away, shooting Frostgrenze with magical arrows that daze – the ranger bloodies him and he breathes again, burning everyone apart from Krivinn – the dragonborn has been knocked prone so the fiery blast goes over his head! Eventually the chimera falls – Saethus delivers the killer blow with magic missile – and the monster vomits up gold coins when it dies.

The PCs search the hold, finding a chest filled with thousands of gold pieces worth of gold, but the party are worried the ore is cursed in some way after what happened on the Drake and don’t want to touch it. Boso comes down from the deck above and says the PCs have to tell Captain Stonethrower about the treasure. On deck, Ella tries to convince Clovis that there is something wrong with the gold and that the dwarves should stay on the Manticore. The captain appears to listen.

The party climb down the rope ladder hanging down from the Drake to investigate the bodies they saw from the deck, but when they get down to the ground they are attacked by a briar witch dryad and her hamadryad minions, a basilisk, and a displacer beast. The basilisk’s gaze poisons the PCs, including Ella who has drunk the “potion of poison resistance” she bought from the Kariv. The PCs attack the basilisk, killing it first and Saethus casts ice storm on the dryads, creating an icy zone. While Krivinn and Ella attack the briar witch, Saethus, Khuma and Bolval fight the hamadryads and the constantly shifting displacer beast. The briar witch traps Krivinn in its thorny cage, doing this over and over again each time the paladin escapes. Khuma goes unconscious after being flanked by the displacer beast and a hamadryad. Bolval brings the shaman round as Saethus and Ella both go to help the paladin and end up trapped in briar cages themselves. Finally, Krivinn gets up close to the dryad and kills her. With its mistress dead, the displacer beast flees into the undergrowth. Meanwhile, up above, the dwarves have boarded the Drake and brought the gold aboard the Manticore.

The two dwarf bodies on the ground are wearing leering diabolic copper masks and each wears a sash of poisoned darts and an unholy symbol of Mammon. Both have been killed by blows to the head from a blunt object. In addition, one wears a belt of vigour (12th level) and on the other, the PCs find some papers – the missing pages from the captain’s logbook including the crew manifest, and several parchment rubbings of an engraved mechanical device. Several notes, scrawled in Batiaran, read “Where is the Eye?” and “Tears wash away greed”.


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Jun. 24th, 2010 11:04 am (UTC)
1. I wonder whether the rubbings bear any resemblance to the engravings on Coalscuttle?
2. Coalscuttle wanted to throw gold overboard, and then we found some suspect gold, which probably *should* be thrown overboard. The amnesiac little rattlebox knows something, except he doesn't know he knows it.
3. Is there any possibility these two dwarves are the same ones Khuma is looking for as companions of Orodak?
Jun. 26th, 2010 08:35 am (UTC)
Some interesting theories here....

Yes, the rubbings do look a bit like the engravings on Rabscuttle. You'd have to compare the two to be sure though.
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