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Red Hand of Doom Session #8

Here's what happened in last night's action-packed episode. Kudos to Larry for rushing down from Edinburgh (well, Luton) especially.

Session xp is only 660 xp for 6th level PCs, 750 xp for 5th level PCs since the party ran from the last encounter.

Nighttime,24th Kythorn (contd)
Vastori, Enzo, Jorr and Avatea engage the hobgoblins, helped by a Halruuan wizard named Kiaphas who has appeared on the scene. The five hobgoblin warriors are dealt with swiftly, but their leader, a war adept with blue draconic scales on his neck and arms, proves much more troublesome. He strikes the party with lightning bolts before casting mirror image and then invisibility to keep himself safe. Kiaphas, who has already upset Ben Sterrel by nearly setting fire to his house with a fireball (“You scorched my porch!”), makes things worse by blasting his corral with fiery bursts in an attempt to hit the hobgoblin. Meanwhile, the humanoid sorcerer summons first a fiendish dire wolf and then a swarm of spiders. Vastori kills the wolf, attacking from the ground after being tripped, and Kiaphas finishes off the hobgoblin.
Back at the Old Bridge Inn, Kiaphas is unwilling to talk much about his past.

25th Kythorn
The PCs do some shopping at the shrine of Lathander and with Sertieren the Wise, and then try and make peace with Ben Sterrel by offering him some freshly baked cakes, before going to see Speaker Wiston. The speaker says a town council meeting has been called for 7pm that evening. In the meantime, he asks the PCs to patrol the outlying farms at the eastern edge of the town. There, the party run into another hobgoblin warband, led by an emaciated, bony-looking hobgoblin wearing red robes. These hobgoblins all appear to be spellcasters and the PCs are forced to flee when Jorr is killed by a flaming sphere, and Avatea falls unconscious.


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Aug. 22nd, 2007 07:03 pm (UTC)
Last session
Hmmm we got our arses kicked and that leaves us with only two fighter types ...unless *listens out for sound of Paladins approaching war horse*
Aug. 22nd, 2007 07:38 pm (UTC)
Re: Last session
I'm not sure Sir Whatsisname is back next week! You did get your arses kicked though.
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