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With everyone* predicting a decisive win over the USA, England were bound to make a schoolboy error and give away a stupid goal. The parallels between watching Palace and watching England are often frightening. And no, this doesn't mean I think Palace are anywhere near as good as England - just that both teams have the ability to make a mess of something easy but also to often go on and do the near-impossible.

Robert Green explains said schoolboy error here

I was also watching the game on ITV HD - the fuckwits accidentally switched to an ad just before Gerrard scored so I missed the England goal! Still, at least Adrian Chiles makes the studio chit-chat bearable.

Oh well, we're bound to win the next two games easily, aren't we? Bring on the Algerians!


* well, probably not everyone, but a lot of people. Kevin Keegan thought we would win 4-1 with all the other ITV pundits predicting a comfortable victory, "we'll be OK" etc etc
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