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The Ongoing Adventures of the Juma Gang, 15th Session: The Bandits of Blood Canyon

Here's what happened in this afternoon's game, featuring the adventure Scions of Punjar. Each PC gets 650 xp.

1st Iunius (contd.)

Head through the doors into the North Tomb where one of the Dev’shir family’s tombs has been smashed open. A quick look at the chunks of broken stone on the floor is enough for Gil who works out the tomb belong to Dugesia Dev’shir, a name that was missing from the family tree in the main chamber. Hrothgar and Juma go inside the burial niche and are attacked by an invisible force. The PCs aren’t sure where to direct their attacks until the ghostly form of a young woman covered in horrible burn marks appears – the spirit of Dugesia. Several rounds of frustrating combat follow in which the ghost manages to repeatedly daze the PCs with her wail of the betrayed while the party struggle to hit her and then only do half damage when they do. Ulthar switches tack and tries to reason with Dugesia – he gets off to a good start but his efforts are thwarted by the incompetence of his companions, particularly Juma who tries to intimidate the ghost. The party do at least learn that Dugesia thinks it was her sister Lakaisha who violated her tomb and is working with the grave-robbers. When negotiations break down the PCs start to back away from the tomb although Juma is slow to leave and nearly goes down when Dugesia reveals her burned horrific visage.

Back in the city, the PCs go to visit Lady Patricia again in the Imperial Quarter and learn some of the family’s recent troubled past – Dugesia died in a fire ten years ago and Lakaisha may have been involved, leading the family to have her committed to an institution in Rhodias, hundreds of miles away. When the PCs explain that they have met Dugesia’s ghost, their patron begs them to make sure they find a way to grant her eternal peace. Lady Patricia says she will send a messenger snake to the asylum in Rhodias to check Lakaisha is still being cared for there.

Back in Flotsam, the PCs have been evicted so are forced to find new lodgings. Fortunately, they are able to rent an apartment for 30 gold bezants per month in Aymara Sabban in the Makers Ward, near the Khanduq of the Nightingale’s Song.

2nd Iunius

Set off for Blood Canyon with Sora back in the party. Following the trail to the abandoned iron mine, the PCs approach boldly and are attacked by two bandits hiding on a tree platform near the mine entrance. Both are dealt with pretty easily although Sora gets stuck half way up the tree and has to be rescued by Juma who uses his dimensional warp sensibly for once. Hrothgar realises a rope going through the canyon walls is attached to an alarm bell and pulls it repeatedly to see if he can lure any bandits outside. When this doesn’t work, Gil casts mage hand to keep ringing it while the PCs enter the mine. The party get to a T-junction and a quick plan is hatched but there’s some confusion over who’s going where so Juma and Hrothgar run in opposite directions. The gnoll triggers a tripwire and a quartet of crossbows open fire on him while Juma runs into five orcs waiting in their mess hall. Hrothgar summons his onyx dog and the PCs move in to attack the orcs. Ulthar takes the head off one with a vicious axe strike and Sora slays the cleric of Gruumsh. The battle over, the PCs search for secret doors, finding one to the north which opens into a corridor with a mine cart track in the middle. When Hrothgar and Rover head round the corner, a mine cart loaded with pointy weapons and alchemist’s fire comes hurtling down the track towards them. The pair dash past the other PCs and the cart smashes into Juma and Gil before exploding, inflicting 28 points of damage on the eladrin.

Wary in case there’s another cart, Gil casts ghost sound to create a distraction as Hrothgar and his dog go back round the corner. The bandit at the top shoots at them as they approach, “killing” Rover as slow-moving oil runs down the sloping corridor towards the PCs. Ulthar tries to leap over the oil but can’t quite jump far enough, landing in the oil and falling over. Juma, Hrothgar and then Sora join him at the top of the passage and the genasi is able to lure the bandit into melee with his lightning lasso. Ganged up on, the hapless bandit surrenders.
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