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The Ongoing Adventures of the Juma Gang, 14th Session: Tomb Raiders

Here's what happened in this afternoon's game; a tough challenge without Sora. Each PC gets 1,025 xp.

27th Maius (contd)
Gil gives Ranjeet Wind-dancer a gem to take a message to his family who live in an eladrin town in the forest.

28th Maius
Take Mahadevi home to the village of Riverbend and are rewarded with a free night’s stay and supper at the Golden Knight inn.

30th Maius
Arrive back in Parsantium. Divide up the treasure found and give Sreedhar his share (the silver sword and the ancient gold coins). Jihad complains that he’s not had enough treasure. Shop for potions, magic items  and rituals.

Back at their houseboat, the black dragon’s head Juma left on his bed has become rotten and has attracted a flock of scavenging seagulls. Jihad buys some new bed linen and then starts trying to get rid of the flesh on the skull. A messenger snake arrives from Lady Patricia Dev’shir, summoning the PCs to her estate in the morning. Later, Gil offers to help Jihad clean up his dragon skull; the wizards sends the head out over the water on a Tenser’s floating disc, then launches a fireball at it to burn it clean. Unfortunately this only succeeds in blowing it up!

31st Maius
Ulthar, Jihad and Gil head across to the Imperial Quarter. Jihad tries to pick someone’s pockets and fails; Gil trips him up and tries to get him to stop. The PCs eventually arrive at the Dev’shir estate and meet with Lady Patricia who explains someone has broken into the family mausoleum and stolen a necklace belonging to her aunt Cordelia which her son, Elam, found for sale in a pawn shop in the Dock Ward. She wants to hire the PCs to investigate for 1,000 gp. Jihad tries to steal one of Lady P’s teacups but is caught in the act and has to put it back.

Head to Girik’s Three Gold Coins and intimidate the one-eyed dwarf to reveal that a half-orc named Latimer pawned the necklace.

Ulthar returns to the Dev’shir house to speak to Elam who says he was in the Old Quarter drinking and whoring, and went into Girik’s pawnshop out of curiosity. Meanwhile, Jihad and Gil go to Fahil’s Floating Palace in search of Latimer. Jihad wins at three dragon ante but has a row with the party’s landlord, Glyn Merryfield over the festering dragon’s head and ends up getting the PCs thrown out of their houseboat.

Latimer arrives. He plays a couple of hands of cards with Jihad, beating him but the genasi does find out that Latimer is a member of a bandit gang called the Crimson Hand, based outside the city in a hideout in Blood Canyon.

When the half-orc leaves, he is followed out of Fahil’s by a tiefling. Suspicious, the PCs follow and end up getting caught in an ambush as the tiefling warlock and thugs from the Golden Scimitars attack Latimer. The half-orc is shot with a poisoned crossbow bolt and goes down; Ulthar and Gil are also hit with poisoned weapons. The battle turns in the PCs’ favour when Hrothgar arrives on the scene – the gnoll kills the tiefling and finishes off the last thug. Bringing Latimer round, the party learn that he used to belong to the Golden Scimitars before joining the Crimson Hand. The bandit gang is currently working for a witch who has had them stealing bodies from the Forest of the Dead. The PCs let him go and return to their houseboat.

1st Iunius

Head out of the Camel Gate to the Forest of the Dead. Hrothgar visits the sacristy of Mormekar in the Batiaran section of the cemetery. The minister hasn’t seen any signs of graverobbing. Hrothgar says a prayer to the god, leaving his grell beak trophy on the altar as an offering.

Find the Dev’shir mausoleum and trigger the glyph of warding hidden in the inscription which blasts Ulthar, Juma and Gil. After Hrothgar can’t open the doors to the tomb, Gil casts knock to get inside. The gnoll barbarian heads inside the sepulchre. When he reaches the altar the doors to the left open and seven skeletons attack the party. Hrothgar gets hit several times and goes down, failing one death save, before being revived by Ulthar. Juma gets stuck in among the skeletons, killing two.  One of the undead is a boneshard skeleton which explodes when bloodied, and again when its killed. As the PCs finish off the skeletons, the doors opposite open, revealing six tomb motes and three dread zombies. The tomb motes are killed by Gil’s incendiary detonation before they can even attack but the zombies are tougher, getting to their feet several times when reduced to 0hp until Gil’s flaming sphere puts them down permanently.

The battle over the PCs search the room, finding bricks and engraving tools under the altar, and studying the family tree on the north wall which implies that Lady Patricia and Lord Didymus had two other children. In the process, they trigger another glyph of warding but only Gil takes damage.

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