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Here's what happened in our game this afternoon:

26th Marpenoth
Lyman identifies magic items. Start selling loot.

27th Marpenoth
Lyman still casting identify. More selling loot.

Meet with Sister Mara at the House of the Dutiful: she asks the PCs to look for the Sword of Truth in the Banewarrens and will pay 20,000gp for its return.
Lyman visits Danbury’s to get a token for the Dreaming Apothecary. That night, he “orders” a headband of intellect +4.

28th Marpenoth
Head to the Noble’s Quarter after receiving an invite from Castle Shard. As the PCs pass through Dalenguard, exchange a few words with the Commissar (!)

At Castle Shard, Kadmus admits the PCs and they are asked to wait in a sitting room where they meet Mand Scheben (priest of Asche). When they meet the lords of the castle, only Lord Zavere speaks; Lady Rill is meditating and levitating. Zavere asks to hear about the PCs’ adventures in the Banewarrens and requests they do everything they can to stop Navanna Civulteq from gaining power by plundering the dungeon.

Afterwards, return home to get their gear, then head for the Chapel of St Thessina and use the portal to the Quaan. Attacked by a giant slug on arrival; Alessandra loses another cloak of resistance to its acid spittle. Use fly to get over a wall of green slime, then water walk to get to the Font of the Pact. Lyman destroys the statue with disintegrate, then pours some holy water into it for good measure. Attacked by two greenspawn razorfiends which appear from the water.

Session xp: 1,825 xp for Karim; 1,600 xp for the others.


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Aug. 19th, 2007 08:30 pm (UTC)
It was Alessandra specifically, whose charming smile and flaming hair attracted the Commissar's attention first of all. They are getting too well known for their own good, I think.
Aug. 19th, 2007 09:07 pm (UTC)
Re: actually
You're quite right. On both counts!
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