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Here's what happened in last night's game and the last session of 2009. Each PC gets 466 xp.

Meanwhile.... Bolval visits the temple of Ninkash in the Jewel Ward and delivers the sealed message he’s carried from the Ironcrags. He’s told he’ll have a message to take back there “in due course”. Since he’ll be staying in Parsantium for a while, the cleric visits the White Palm in the Makers Ward, original home of the Desert Sands brewing company, making friends with its proprietor, Kaham al-Vizhon in the hope of picking up some new brewing tips.

2nd Iunius (contd)
Someone has run the bell for the Watch. Perhaps because of his lawful nature, Krivinn starts lining up the bodies of the Grape Lane Bashers in a row before Ella asks him what the hell he’s playing at. Instead, they talk to Tamrin, the Winking Vixen’s gruff dwarf bouncer, bribing him not to say anything to the Watch about the PCs’ presence. Attempts to get him to talk about the Golden Scimitars don’t work though.

Head down the street to the Sultry Siren where they meet Bolval who’s having a drink; Sharden goes home. From here, the PCs can see the Winking Vixen – they see the Watch arrive and the bodies removed, then Iancu Petronas and his friends leave. They follow the actors back to Aymara Sabban.

3rd Iunius
The PCs go to the Golden Bean Tree in the Khanduq of the Nightingale’s Song in the morning. Iancu and his friends arrive to have breakfast. After a while, Ashraf (member of the Golden Scimitars) and his two bodyguards enter as two gnolls take up position outside the café. Ashraf tries to extort money from Yasmina the owner; the PCs leap to her defence and a fight kicks off! Ella kills Ashraf, shooting him through the neck and spraying blood all over the walls. Krivinn is surrounded by the two bodyguards and the two gnolls who use pack tactics to inflict extra damage on him. He goes unconscious and fails a death save but is revived by Bolval who is a great healer. Brave Ella kills one gnoll but is most upset when Seref, balding bodyguard, has the gall to throw a dagger at her, wounding her for 5 hp. Furious, the elf takes him down, knocking him unconscious. The second gnoll and the other bodyguard run for it. Before the Watch arrive, the PCs wrap Seref in a borrowed carpet and take him back to their apartment for interrogation.

Ella leads the questioning but Bolval and Krivinn stand guard to make sure she doesn’t torture her prisoner – learn that Ashraf reports in to someone called Vadim (a “big guy with dark skin”) and that the bodyguard who ran off is called Berreff. Apparently, Vadim can sometimes be found at Fahil’s Floating Palace. Once the interrogation dries up, Ella knocks Seref out again, they wrap him back up in the carpet and leave him outside the Watch station.

That evening, the PCs send a messenger snake to Iancu Petronas (costs 10 gp, can do from khanduq), inviting him to Fahil’s that evening to discuss a career opportunity and saying the message is from Vadim. The PCs head to the floating casino and meet the jovial Fahil. Bolval plays Three Dragon Ante, Ella plays Bounder and Krivinn tries his hand at Bounce It! The elf ranger chats to a camp water genasi called Juma (of the Juma Gang) and tries (unsuccessfully) to get into the VIP area. She recognises a man who appears briefly from the VIP cabin to have a chat with Fahil.

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