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Here's what happened in last night's game as we wrapped up Wrath of the River King and started a new adventure set in the City at the Crossroads.

Each PC gets 558 xp

28th Maius

After resting in the false mill, the PCs wake up to find themselves inside the real mill in Riverbend. Krivinn heads to the barn where Hamid the miller is being held to check he hasn’t been executed. He hasn’t – it’s morning on the day after the party entered the Feywild. The PCs go to see Kemal the muhtar and show him the note from Ellessandra and her wedding ring. The headman orders Hamid’s release and the grateful miller rewards each PC with 100 gp and a fey acorn (a one-use item that allows the PC to fey step 5 squares as a minor action). As the PCs go to leave Riverbend, they meet Ellessandra one last time – the eladrin is mourning Flax, her son.

30th Maius

The PCs arrive back in Parsantium.

31st Maius – 1st Iunius

Rent an apartment in Aymara Sabban in the Maker’s Ward for 30 gp per month, situated above a courtyard and over a workshop which Krivinn rents (20 gp per month). Ella hangs tokens in the palm tree in the courtyard as a shrine to Thellyne while Krivinn arranges for local labourers to whitewash the walls of his workshop so it can become a shrine to Bahamut. The paladin also heads over to the Celestial Bastion in the Imperial Quarter again to pay his tithe. This time, he makes a better impression on Orthas.

On the second night, Ella has a bad dream – the subject is the massacre at Thellyne’s shrine in the Feyshore Forest perpetrated by Heinsoo and his men. She wakes up in a cold sweat.

2nd Iunius

The PCs are shopping for potions and magic items in the Mercantile Quarter when a messenger snake appears and delivers them tickets to the Theatre of Aymara that evening. The party are to be the guests of Dulicitus, noted dramatist. Ella buys herself a pretty dress and Krivinn polishes his armour.

That evening, at the performance of Iancu Petronas’ play, The Fey King of Darkwood, the PCs meet Dulicitus, Vetranis and Gerontius – three conservative dramatists who want to hire the PCs to find out what Petronas is up to. The prize-winning playwright is rumoured to be connected to the Golden Scimitars. The PCs agree to take the job.

After the play, the PCs follow Iancu and his acting troupe to the red-light district in the Poor Ward. When the actors go inside a brothel called the Winking Vixen on Grape (aka Gropecunt) Lane, Sharden volunteers to go in and find out what they’re up to. Ella warns the dwarf “you’re not going to get your end away on party funds!” as he heads inside. Sharden has a coffee and something to eat but manages to fend off the offers of private dances and more while keeping an eye on Iancu and his friends. Deciding to go for the direct approach, he goes up to the playwright and chats to him, getting an autograph and offering to buy him a drink. Meanwhile, Ella has snuck up to a window on the ground floor – peering in she can see the brothel’s madam arguing with a large, intimidating-looking man over a ledger.

Sharden heads outside to report but before he can tell the others much, the Grape Lane Bashers attack. There are two humans, a half-elf and a gnoll in the band and their tactics seem to involve ganging up on one opponent – in this case, Krivinn. Despite this, the dragonborn is able to kill Taras the tumbling knife-fighter, and then Ella shoots Danilo with two critical hits as he comes towards her, scourge flailing. The gnoll, Yegor, is killed, causing Danilo and Ekrem (the half-elf) to run for it. Krivinn brings down Danilo as he runs past – only Ekrem escapes with his life!

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