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Here's what happened in this afternoon's session. Each PC gets 430 xp.

21st Maius

The PCs head to the Mercantile Quarter to do some shopping (Ulthar’s favourite pastime!). While wandering around a crowded market, they hear a cry of “There they are! Get them!” as a group of Golden Scimitars, complete with spitting drake, move in to attack. Their leader, Yorgi, is able to inspire his lackeys to fight on after death so when Sora kills one of the ruffians, he is able to strike back at the paladin before dying. Hrothgar finds himself surrounded by four enemies but uses great cleave to hit them all and push them away from him. Juma attacks Mehmed (flashy swashbuckler) with flaming blades and then teleports over to kill Yorgi with dual lightning strike. Ulthar uses inspired belligerence to give the others combat advantage over Mehmed as Hrothgar is knocked unconscious by Ziper who retaliates after being knocked into a fountain by the gnoll. Gil kills Mehmed with two magic missiles as the tide of battle turns in the PCs’ favour. Juma kills the fleeing drake and Sora takes down Ziper with her javelin as Ulthar knocks the only surviving attacker – a woman – unconscious. After quickly looting the bodies – finding a +1 great axe and +1 leather armour of sudden recovery – they drag their captive off before the City Watch arrive.

In the dark of an alley, the PCs interrogate the woman who knows little but confirms that Yorgi was acting on the orders of Zeno. Hrothgar bites her finger off as part of the interrogation as Juma says (in his camp fashion) “Tell him the Juma Gang will persevere and are going to get him! Tell him we killed Orloch too!” The PCs let her go and head back to their houseboat.

Hrothgar and Ulthar head out into the Dolphin’s Strait with Orloch’s head to visit Jagadamba who performs the speak with dead ritual for 250 gold bezants. Unfortuately, Orloch knows nothing about Hrothgar’s tribe and it seems the barbarian has wasted his money. In frustration, he rips a tooth from Orloch’s mouth as a tiny trophy.

Meanwhile, Sora polishes her new magic greatsword until it gleams as Juma and Gil head to Fahil’s Floating Palace for a night of very low stakes gambling and cheap drinks. Here they run into Glyn Merryfield, landlord of the Fat Grouper, who begs them not to tell his wife they saw him there. He offers to let the party off a week’s rent in exchange.

22nd Maius

The PCs visit Jagadamba again and buy potions of acid resistance. Returning to Orloch’s auction house via the sewers, they emerge on to the dock in the cave where they fought the black dragon. Despite planning to split up, the PCs head into the water – Sora is in a rowboat – grouped quite close together so when Munwithurix the dragon appears she is able to catch Gil, Sora and Juma in her acid breath weapon. The PCs move in to attack: Hrothgar leaps into the fray, literally, but is struck twice by the dragon as he does so. Fortunately, the PCs’ new potions work really well and the party are able to ignore the acid dripping from her jaws. As the beast conjures its cloud of darkness, the PCs surround her and Gil sends in his flaming sphere. The dragon slips away under the water to hide but is rediscovered as Sora rows her boat into her! Again the PCs attack from all sides and again Munwithurix conjures her cloud, breathing on the party when she is bloodied by their attacks. Eventually, she is driven off for a second time – she takes to the air and lands on the dry cavern floor to the west. Here the dragon makes a final stand – Sora criticals with holy strike and Gil finishes her off with magic missile. Juma cuts off the dragon’s head and the PCs plunder her hoard.


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