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Our first session was a year ago on Monday - Brave Ella (lucybrant ) featured in that first session, along with Gong Sun (ninthcouncil ), El'em Terazz (evilmonkey8472 ) and now deceased halfling rogue Sorgrim "the Stiff" (jzaltman ). Krivinn the dragonborn paladin of Bahamut (rmfein ) did not turn up until the second session.

Here's what happened in Monday's game. Each PC gets 737 xp.

The PCs return to the river road and emerge in front of the Sluice Gate to the River King’s Court. Strangely, Margarita has vanished, but Brave Ella has appeared – the elf ranger fell through a hole in a marshy part of the forest to find herself travelling down the river road at high speed. As Krivinn and Ella get their bearings, they are called upon to rescue the two dwarves who are floundering around hopelessly in the water. Throwing them ropes, the paladin and ranger are able to stop Bolval and Sharden drifting off towards the nasty-looking merrow lurking beneath the river’s surface.

Back together again, the party heads inside the magical castle where they persuade Rumpkin the porter (a talking bear) to let them into the Outer Courtyard, despite the protestations of Redcloak who they first met in the Golden Knight tavern in Riverbend. Inside the courtyard, Krivinn and the others talk to His Excellency Silverwing (Margrave of Ravens) and Caias Gruffkin (satyr and Royal Vintner), learning some useful information about the River King and the bad advice he’s been given by Jenny Greenteeth and Ambertan the Black Fey warlock. Knurlnap the Water Bearer tries to get the PCs to carry his tea urn but they brush him aside and head towards the drawbridge to the Inner Courtyard. Here, Sharden impresses Gumphollow the frog major domo, convincing him to let the party across.

In the inner courtyard, the PCs run into Lady Sorreminx and Sir Yngress the Red. The beautiful eladrin lady grills Brave Ella on her reasons for setting aside her badge in exchange for the Birch Queen’s. Ella explains her mistake in entering the contest to become the Birch Queen’s consort and is forgiven by Lady Sorreminx who allows the PCs to head down the stairs to the Great Rippling Hall.

In the Hall, the PCs state their case to the River King Ulorian. Redcloak speaks out against them but Lady Sorreminx backs them up, talking of their bravery in battle with Tatzel and the Nain Rouge. The River King is impressed and officially withdraws his support from Lord Flax. This angers Jenny Greenteeth (disguised as a beautfiul eladrin) who challenges Sharden to a duel. The dwarf is pulled towards the hag by her beckoning call but is able to take her down with his prayers although he is unable to use his signature power, Trumpet the Star’s Fall, in the crowded throne room. With Jenny defeated, the PCs head through one of the River King’s whirlpool portals to stop Lord Flax

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