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Here's what happened in this afternoon's game - lots of death saves but fortunately no actual PC deaths! Each PC gets 684 xp, bringing you all to 4th level.

Hrothgar opens the door to the east which leads into a cell block guarded by four Mangy Cur gnolls. Gil casts hypnotic pattern to lure two the gnolls towards it but Sora then uses call to arms to pull one of them back towards her! The other two guards attack Juma and Ulthar in the corridor from the second door, and on the next round, two more gnolls attack Gil from behind. After a fairly easy battle, the PCs are victorious and free the five slaves held in the cells – three men and two women, captured at sea by Captain Gnash or in Parsantium by the Dockside Crew.

Heading through the door at the end and then east, Hrothgar and Juma blunder into Orloch Scragmane’s slave auction. Juma teleports to attack the necromancer and his zombies watching from the stands – he kills one zombie but it reanimates and soon finds himself immobilized by the dark mage’s grave bolt. The shadar-kai also attacks the genasi, before dancing past Hrothgar to fight Sora and Gil in the corridor. Ulthar is attacked by the spectral jaws spell of a goggle-eyed kuo-toa priest while Hrothgar manages to knock Orloch prone  before finding himself surrounded by gnolls. Hrothgar is also attacked by the kuo-toa priest and ends up unconscious – he fails a death save but is healed by Ulthar. Although the PCs have killed two gnolls, both zombies and both kuo-toa guards, things are looking bleak and Gil makes a run for it. From the corridor, he magic missiles Orloch who has chased after Ulthar and Hrothgar; then Juma finishes off the gnoll slaver. The kuo-toa priest and necromancer both make final attacks on the PCs before fleeing. Sora kills the shadar-kai and the battle is over. Ulthar chops off Orloch’s head and puts it in his sack.


Talk to Sreedhar, the scholar they’ve rescued from the auction block – this fellow is keen to get the PCs to accompany him on an expedition to the Feyshore Forest where there is an ancient Sahasran temple to plunder. He tries to get the PCs to agree to split the profits with him 50/50 but soon settles on 15/85 when they threaten to leave him behind when they leave. Take an extended rest.

The PCs lead the rescued slaves through the sewers on their way back to the surface. En route they are attacked by a flock of kenku. Gil casts hypnotic pattern again, luring the bird-men into the poo but Sora is viciously attacked by their bloodseeker drake and goes unconscious. She fails two death saves and is knocked unconscious twice more by the drake after being revived three times by Ulthar. Hrothgar takes a lot of damage from the kenku sneak – once he’s unable to hide among his minion allies, the gnoll chases after him and cuts him down. Juma is knocked into the sewage by the kenku ringleader’s spiked chain but is able to get out by teleporting next to the drake and finishing it off. With their enemies defeated, the PCs are able to get their charges back to the Dock Ward and return to their houseboat for a wash and well-earned rest.


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Oct. 19th, 2009 02:05 pm (UTC)
Cunning runts (possibly a Spoonerism in Gil's case...)
I don't think that Ji'ad and Hrothgar's magnificent and visionary quick-thinking when they 'blundered' into the slave auction has been given nearly the credit it was due.

I think that they were simply terribly unlucky that not one of the bad guys believed their bluff about an unknown gnoll trying to sell an unmanacled and fully tooled-up genasi. At the very least the immoral, degenerate evil-doers in the room surely should have recognised them as kindred spirits.
Oct. 19th, 2009 05:16 pm (UTC)
Re: Cunning runts (possibly a Spoonerism in Gil's case...)
Good point! I shall endeavour to remind the chronicler of the Ongoing Adventures of the Juma Gang to record said cunning plan in the next chapter of What Happened Last Time. There was also a comment from Jihad about an aunt's arse that was omitted but the context (and indeed the meaning) wasn't clear from my badly scribbled notes.
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