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Here's what happened in Monday night's game. Each PC gets 335 xp.

In the second round of the contest to become the Birch Queen’s contest, Ella is up against Oiglas the centaur’s nature stories, Sir Arnovar’s poetry, Harrowdin the Black Fey’s grim anecdotes and Sir Yngress the Red’s hunting stories. She makes it through to the third and final round with a virtuoso display of acrobatics.

Round three is an audience with the Birch Queen at her table on the Lords and Ladies Mount. The other PCs are invited too and do their best to support Ella in her conversation with the Queen but in the end the ranger balks at the one year term as consort and the Queen, perhaps fortunately, favours the charming Eagle Knight, Sir Arnovar, who has the added advantage of being male. Ella is offered and accepts the Queen’s badge.

As the PCs make their way off to bed – well, bedroll under the stars – they run into Ellessandra. More time has passed than they thought as the eladrin talks as if she and the PCs met a long time ago rather than yesterday. She warns the PCs that the River King is likely to raid Riverbend for not making the agreed offerings

Day 5

Ella trades her woodcraft skills to the lone wolf, Rhorlief for the Fey Roads ritual (-1 to attack rolls, skill checks, saving throws and ability checks). The PCs then decide to leave the fair. As they head towards the exit and the ettin, they witness the arrival of Lord Flax – recognised by Margarita as the grown-up version of the young lad they met inside the mill in Riverbend. Lord Flax is recruiting fey for a raid on Riverbend and won’t be persuaded otherwise by Krivinn. Ambertan the Warlock and the Black Fey are the first to join up. As Lord Flax makes ready to petition the River King for permission to attack the village, the PCs head past Garag-Nagan and out of the fair.

Heading east along the Straight Road, the PCs turn off to visit the clearing of Tatzel the wyrm. The area is full of mist, making it hard to see. Krivinn, Sharden and Ella are attacked by the dragon’s dragonborn protectors as Koh-Bar and Margarita face off alone against Tatzel who attacks with bite, claws and dragon breath. Koh-bar is stunned by the dragon's frightful presence and then slid towards a large pit by the dragon's luring gaze. Margarita uses lead the attack and steel monsoon to wound Tatzel but both genasi and tiefling god-king are poisoned by its bite. Koh-bar who gave up a "future moment of success" at the Fair fails his saving throw to shake off the dragon’s poison.

As the battle goes on, the PCs realise that fire can clear the mist, making things easier. Once Brave Ella has killed the dragonborn attacking her, she shoots Tatzel which bloodies the dragon – a dozen kobolds spring up from his blood but luckily Sharden is able to take most of them out with taste the star’s fall. Unluckily, this fills the area up with smoke, making it hard to see again!

Eventually, the PCs force Tatzel to yield and he gives up the secret of returning to the natural world – the PCs must travel to the False Mill, following the river towards the Cedar Mountains. By swimming down to touch the millstone at the bottom of the pond, they can return to Riverbend. Koh-bar also asks how he can learn more about his godly origins – Tatzel says the Oak King might be able to answer this question.


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Oct. 17th, 2009 07:17 am (UTC)
The painful warrior famoused for fight
Hardly a mention of Kohbar and Margareita facing up to the dragon alone ....true we were both ineffectual and I was pushed around like a rag doll, but we showed spirit!
Oct. 17th, 2009 07:21 am (UTC)
Re: The painful warrior famoused for fight
Fair points, particularly about standing up to the dragon with your AC 14 in the original comment! I've added in some of the pertinent details.

Of course, you do realise this is meant to be the Saga of Brave Ella and her Sometime Companions, don't you? ;)
Oct. 17th, 2009 06:56 pm (UTC)
yeah- damn straight! and i did shoot that dragon quite hard. anyway, this week i am absent so you have a chance for some glory. if you can stay alive that is!!
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