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The first proper modules I owned and ran were the original G series back in 1980 or so - the ones with the pastel brown (G1), blue (G2) and red (G3) covers. At the time, these adventures were great - fighting dozens of giants and then the tentacle rod-wielding drow at the end of G3 was really cool. I have particularly fond memories of G2 with its icy crevasses featuring a remorhaz, yeti and polar bears as well as frost giants.

In 1998 or so I bought the 2nd edition Against the Giants module written byseankreynolds which brought back a lot of memories but never ran it. I also downloaded several 3.0/3.5 conversions of the adventures, and the nicely redrawn WotC map of the Glacial Rift. I just didn't have time to run the series and the world had moved on from combat-heavy gigantocentric adventures

Now, in 2009, we have the new 4e mega-adventure Revenge of the Giants, reviewed by Dave Chalker here and unfortunately it sounds pretty dull and disappointing. I haven't plotted out the paragon tier of the Parsantium campaign yet but I don't think I want to spend 5 levels worth of game sessions running combats with giants! Having said that, there's some great art in the adventure, like this excellent fire giant picture:

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