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Here's what happened in last night's game, featuring the return of ninthcouncil playing his new PC, Rami the shifter shaman. Each PC gets 262 xp.

With Margarita conscious again, she and Koh-Bar head over to a market stall manned by a trio of leprechauns chanting annoying rhymes. The fey introduce themselves as Seamus, Patrick and Michael and offer for sale some of the gear the PCs lost in the river. To win their stuff back, the pair have to answer riddles – Koh-Bar recovers his crown and Margarita wins Sharden’s boot before the tiefling gives a wrong answer and loses both items again! To get his crown back again, the sorcerer gives up two points of intelligence (Gift of the Mind) for a day.

As they leave the stall, the two PCs are approached by a shifter named Rami, a shaman, who explains he has a score to settle with Mudflick – the gnome has stolen a spear from his tribe. While they chat to Rami, a goblin approaches with a tray of sugared plums. All three PCs eat one (Rami has two) and end up tripping, imagining themselves as mice and the fey stallholders as feral cats! The party head for a tree away from the market and wait for the plums to wear off.

Next, the PCs visit the tent of Ambertan the Black Fey Warlock – here Koh-Bar gives up a Memory of Great Prowess (100 xp) in exchange for directions to someone who can help them get home – Tatzel the Green whose lair lies to the east. Margarita trades her history skill (Gift of Learning) for two days for an amphora of feywine. Then, the PCs leave the tent before giving up anything else!

They buy a loaf of bread at a baker’s stall and talk to the wolfen Rhorlief who has rituals for sale including the Fey Road ritual. Deciding that they don’t want to pay his price of their memories of their masters, the PCs say they’ll come back later. Margarita takes up the challenge of an ogre boxer after Koh-Bar declines. Unfortunately her biggest blows aren’t enough to hurt her opponent and she ends up yielding after the ogre hits her very hard indeed. The PCs study the next bout but can’t figure out what’s going on. As they stand there, a robed eladrin calls out to them, offering moments in time for sale. This mage, Orelliar, trades one of Koh-Bar’s future moments of success for the memory of Lady Wickerbell’s wedding to Lord Apicus in the Great Rippling Hall of the River Court.

Under a giant mushroom, the PCs run into two goblins, Splug and Nobby who are selling more of the party’s missing equipment. Brave Ella turns up while the others talk to the goblins and buys back her boot. After this, Ella heads to Mudflick’s shop and threatens the gnome which kicks off a second battle with the party. Rami uses his shielding fire to damage anyone who attacks Margarita – this kills Moppsy. Koh-Bar kills Maggle and then Mudflick with thunderleap; Ella slays Modred. Rami recovers his tribe’s longspear but the Birch Queen’s arrival stops wholesale looting by the others in the party. The PCs drag Mayhem, the one surviving gnome, to see Voyland as evidence they’ve driven off the spriggans. The eladrin smith exchanges Margarita’s +1 magic longsword for a +1 lightning bastard sword.

The gnomes dealt with, the PCs head to the Herald’s Field where Brave Ella shoots in the archery contest and manages to get through to the next round of the competition to become the Birch Queen’s Consort. She wins a honeycomb.

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