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Here's what happened in this afternoon's game. Each PC gets 315 xp

19th Maius (contd)

After some further discussion about the mysterious portal painted on the wall, Juma starts scraping the black paint off, exposing lead-filled sigils. These start to melt, so the PCs back out of the room but Hrothgar is too slow and is grabbed by a shadowy tentacle and pulled through the now-open portal. The others rush to help, going into battle with a horror from the Shadowfell. Sora’s radiant powers destroy the tentacled monstrosity but a vestige of it remains. Hrothgar unwisely touches this, only for the shadow to wrap itself around his finger – this has the effect of weakening him when he stands in bright light and increasing his endurance when in the shadows. Despite Juma’s assertion that “everyone knows there’s treasure down wells”, the party decides not to climb into the hole the shadowy monster emerged from.

Instead, they head back upstairs and finish off the otyugh. Gil searches its stinking trash-pit lair, finds no treasure and gets bitten a few times by creatures lurking below the surface of the garbage. The others search the thieves’ storeroom finding a +2 cloak of resistance (made from white wolfskin), a +1 magic wand and a mud-covered gorilla idol amongst other things. Hrothgar licks the pixie corpse he finds inside a silver filigree lantern, revolting the other party members. Next the PCs go next door to St Caspieran’s Salvation to ask for help in curing Sora and Gil’s filth fever and removing the shadow from Hrothgar’s finger. Brother Jerome is unable to help which annoys Ulthar. The PCs make their way to the temple of Niu Dahan where the old priest they rescued, Wang Jin We, is willing to cast the necessary rituals at cost. Although these cause some pain, Gil, Sora and Hrothgar are cured of their ailments.

20th Maius

After a good night’s rest on their houseboat, the PCs return to the dungeons beneath the slum tenement and get into the rowboats: Ulthar and Gil are in one, with Sora, Hrothgar and Juma in the other. They have little trouble steering their vessels through the underground tunnels but are attacked by a flock of stirges who appear from a side passage. These annoying blood-suckers grab hold of Hrothgar and Gil and start draining blood. Sora attempts to help the gnoll by throwing a javelin at the stirge, but fumbles and hits Hrothgar instead. When he yelps in protest, she says “You hit me once before!”. Ulthar then manages to hit Gil in error with a handaxe before Sora fumbles again and also hits the poor eladrin. The stirges are all killed just in time as the boats go over a waterfall. Juma leaps out and manages to swim against the current, Gil and Ulthar fall out of their boat but the other two manage to land safely. Ahead the PCs can see two gnolls in a boat near a wooden dock.

The PCs row closer and attack the gnolls, managing to bloody them as a black dragon appears from beneath the water and breathes acid over the party and its allies. Gil conjures a flaming sphere as the dragon uses its cloud of darkness to blind the other PCs. Sora and Juma exit the cloud and attack as Hrothgar and Ulthar make for the docks, followed by Gil who fey steps. Sora, Hrothgar and Juma are all bloodied by the dragon’s bite, claws and tail slaps. The dragon lands on the dock, stopping Hrothgar and Sora from reaching the stairs leading out of the cave so the PCs are forced to stand and fight. Sora bloodies the wyrm with radiant delerium, triggering its breath weapon again but Ulthar is able to keep everyone on their feet with bastion of defence. After a couple more rounds of fighting the dragon withdraws under cover of darkness, allowing the grateful PCs to escape up the stairs and take a short rest.

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