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Red Hand of Doom Session #7

Here's what happened in last night's game.

Experience: Grudge gets 3,450 xp; Vastori & Enzo get 2,500 xp. Moralias gets 750 xp & Zacks gets 600 xp for their contribution to collapsing the bridge last week.

21st Kythorn (contd)
Grudge examines the bridge and identifies a weak spot. Meanwhile the others search the hobgoblin tents: they don’t find any pornographic woodcuts but they do manage to gather up quite a few masterwork weapons. With everyone back on the south side of the gorge, Vastori and Grudge bash away with their weapons at the weak spot, successfully bringing down the bridge. The PCs send Zacks back to Drellin’s Ferry to warn the townsfolk while they press on to Cinder Hill, heading west along the gorge to a place where they can cross the river.

At Cinder Hill, the PCs spot the enormous army of the Red Hand Horde, including giants and a large red dragon. They back away a few miles and make camp.

Night Attacked by a gray render while Grudge is on watch. The dwarf is grabbed and takes a lot of damage while in the creature’s maw, but manages to escape after Enzo hits the beast with a ray of enfeeblement. The PCs inflict several serious wounds on the render and it runs off into the trees.

22nd Kythorn
Head back to Drellin’s Ferry

23rd Kythorn
Arrive in Drellin’s Ferry. Speaker Wiston, along with Captain Soranna and Delora Zann (owner of the stable), seeks out the party at the Old Bridge Inn. Enzo and the others warn them of the size of the army camped at Cinder Hill.

24th Kythorn
The PCs sell their loot and divide up the cash (1,700 gp each). Grudge buys a new horse to replace Triumph and visits the druid Avarthel where he complains about the cost of potions. He cheers himself up by hiring Morlin Coalhewer, the dwarven smith, to fix his two ogre tusks to his helmet.

Night The town is attacked by Red Hand forces. The PCs head over the river on the ferry and defeat three goblin worg riders and two hell hounds. Before they can catch their breath, a band of six hobgoblins appear on the scene.

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