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Red Hand of Doom Session #6

Here's what happened on Monday night, sadly Wayne's last session :(

Experience is 1,650 xp for Enzo & Moralias (5th level characters get more), 1,570 xp for Vastori (includes bonus for heroics - see below) and 1,320 xp for Zacks.

21st Kythorn

While Avatea uses the staff of life to raise Grudge from the dead, the others head back to Skull Gorge Bridge from their camp. Zacks transforms into a raven and does aerial reconnaissance. The bad news is that the bridge guards have been reinforced. An hour or so is spent debating what to do, much to Vastori’s frustration. Next, Zacks turns back into a raven again, casting soften earth and stone on the foundations of the south towers. There’s some cracking and damage is done, but the bridge still stands.

Then, the PCs decide to attack. Despite all the planning beforehand, there’s confusion over who’s doing what when and Moralias ends up riding up to the south east tower and then riding back into the woods while Vastori, flying, attacks the hobgoblins on the south west tower. The Second Battle for Skull Gorge Bridge begins!

This time, there are five PCs against Ozyranndion, twelve hobgoblins and one hellhound. The dragon is again a terrible foe, killing Sasay (Zacks’ wolf) and reducing Moralias’ special mount to unconsciousness with its acid breath. Zacks summons a pair of giant owls and Enzo attacks the dragon with spells but it’s brave Vastori, reduced to –6hp (but still fighting due to his Diehard feat), who finally kills Ozyranndion with a savage blow from his frost bastard sword. With the dragon slain, the last three hobgoblins flee, leaving the party in control of the bridge. Now, all they need to do is get it to collapse!
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